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Local MSM’s Serve Condescension And Indifference On Tea Parties

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The size of the enthusiastic and patriotic throngs surrounding the Lake Eola amphitheatre at the Orlando Tea Party looks like it depends on partisanship as to attendance. Floridians Unite reports that “the city estimated it at 5000-6000 and the police on site wholeheartedly agreed.” The Orlando Slantinel reports that the police told them 4,200. Reading her description of the day, it wasn’t the same event I attended. I love the exactness of the 200 in totals and took offense at the reporter’s condescending article titled “Eola Tea Party” not the “Orlando Tea Party.” It’s first sentences describing the well-attended and emotional event on page B2 as one of the singers “shrieking.” The reporter made it seem more like a gathering of senior citizens and dog lovers who wrapped their “novel” banner around their dogs’ waists.

Helen Eckinger didn’t mention all ages from babies to the elderly were represented at the Orlando Tea Party. She didn’t mention all the Special Olympic parents that came to protest Obama. No recall of the fact that all local city and county officials were invited but NONE showed up. Nothing written about all the young people, teenagers and college students upset with the fiscal burden they are facing. No mention of entire families that were seriously concerned about their children’s future. Eckinger forgot to write about all the military veterans who were there and praise, gratitude, and admiration given to them by over and over through the day.

She didn’t mention the long lines of thousands of people so upset that they were willing to stand in line for hours to sign the parchment paper copy of the “Orlando Tea Party Constitution” which outlined each of the grievances and will be expedited to the White House.

Obviously, this quiet revolution is getting louder and the MSM’s are not going to help the rabble-rousers of rebellious Revolutionaries.

Even the local FOX affiliate television station gave it tawdry lip service on their website:

Tea Party Sets up Shop in Lake Eola

Trinnette Bowers, FOX 35 News
ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) – A huge crowd showed up at Orlando’s Lake Eola Saturday afternoon, to take part in a national movement called the “Tea Party.” It’s a throw back to the Boston Tea party, but this time, tea isn’t being dumped into the sea.

Cities nationwide have been holding the so-called “Tea Parties” as peaceful protests driven by conservatives who say they want less government, less wasteful spending, fewer bailouts, and no socialism. The “Tea Parties” are filled with people ranging from young and old, to current voters and future voters.

Now, that may be where they differ, but during these protest, they all have one thing in common; they’re all apparently worried about getting their piece of the pie. These “tea parties” are a national movement that has finally made its way to orlando’s lake eola.

Organizers plan to take a signed petition of sorts to washington d.C., demanding more accountability and, what they consider better leadership by President Obama’s administration.

Every conservative needs to rise up and contact these MSM’s and tell them to “Stop with the condescension. Just report the news. Don’t put your spin on it!”

It’s going to be up to us to save the US.

My indifferance is now directed at Channel 35 now… they won’t get my viewership anymore. Contact Fox 35 here.

More on the Orlando Tea Party here and here.


Written by smalltalkwitht

March 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

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