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Obama’s Descends From The Temple

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“Zogby’s interactive survey shows that 22% of those voters who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in their primary elections or caucus earlier this year are now supporting John McCain.”

Obama’s bounce of 8 points from the Democratic National Convention in Denver rapidly dissipated 16 hours after his emergence from his celebrity Temple stage. It seems Senator John McCain’s selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for his vice president has re-energized Republicans, women, Hillary Democrats, and Independents. The Zogby poll on Friday had John McCain’s polling at 47% and Barack Obama at 45%. John Zogby commented on Sarah Palin:

“Palin is not to be underestimated. Her real strength is that she is authentic, a real mom, an outdoors person, a small town mayor (hey, she has dealt with a small town city council – that alone could be preparation for staring down Vladimir Putin, right?). She is also a reformer.”

“A very important demographic in this election is going to be the politically independent woman, 15% of whom in our latest survey are undecided.”

“In the final analysis, this election will be about Obama vs. McCain. Obama has staked out ground as the new JFK – a new generation, literally and figuratively, a new face of America to the world, a man who can cross lines and work with both sides. But McCain is the modern day Harry Truman – with lots of DC experience, he knows what is wrong and dysfunctional with Washington and how to fix it, and he has chosen a running mate who is about as far away from Washington as he could find.

“This contest is likely to be very close until the weekend before the election – then the dam may break and support may flood one way or the other.”


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August 31, 2008 at 4:27 pm

McCain/Palin Heading Toward Possible Hurricane Destination

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Senator John McCain and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will be in Mississippi on Sunday to review hurricane and emergency operations.

Aides say McCain and his wife Cindy will join Palin in traveling to Jackson, Miss., Sunday at the invitation of Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour because of concerns about people threatened by the storm, which was heading into the Gulf of Mexico and menacing the same area ravaged by Hurricane Katrina three years ago. The storm could hit the United States as early as Monday afternoon.

The McCains and Palin will receive a briefing at the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency — a permanent operations center monitoring hurricane response.

Republicans are worried about holding their national convention during the storm.

If the storm’s landfall is serious, McCain said he probably would rethink allowing the four-day political gathering to continue.

“It just wouldn’t be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a natural disaster,” McCain said in an interview taped Saturday with “Fox News Sunday.” “So we’re monitoring it from day to day, and I’m saying a few prayers, too.”

McCain and Palin are making a great team!

Where’s Obama? Still in Beaver Country with Biden?

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August 30, 2008 at 10:23 pm

Palin More Articulate Than Obama

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No stuttering for this Reagan-esque Alaskan governor. She knows exactly what this country needs to do for its energy policies. She has the benefit of 30 years of Alaskan oil policy experiences to support her.

Is Sarah Palin "Ready?"

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John McCain picks a ‘dyed in the wool’ conservative running mate, with a life story and political history that make Obama look like the Chicago hack politician he is, and all some conservatives can do is moan about her lack of experience. One blogger at National Review Online worries that “After all, her career in the “city council” and as mayor of a town few outside of Alaska have ever heard of doesn’t exactly prepare her to preside over National Security Council meetings in the President’s absence, to serve as a close adviser to the President on counterterrorism issues, or to have the nuke “football” at her side 24/7.”

Such talk is common now among conservatives who praise Palin’s values and character, while wringing their hands over her lack of experience. “How can we criticize Obama’s lack of experience when McCain picks someone who has only been a governor for two years?” The answer ought to be obvious. If Obama wins the election, he will be president on “day one.” (A phrase I am beginning to detest.) Conversely, if McCain and Palin win election, Palin will likely be vice president for an extended period even if McCain is not able to serve out his full term. The worry about Palin is exaggerated because she not only already has more executive experience than Obama (and McCain and Biden for that matter), but she also will have the added experience of having served as vice president in the unfortunate event she is called on to replace McCain.

More to the point, the quality of one’s experience should count for more than just the quantity. In her two years as governor of Alaska, two terms as mayor of a small town, her time as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and two terms as a member of the city council in her home town, Palin consitently fought against corruption and self dealing. She is exactly the type of conservative the country and the Republican Party need.

She is like a young, female Fred Thompson. If McCain wins and she serves well as vice president, we may finally have a true conservative on the national stage for years to come. Think Palin/Jindal 2012. If she can do for the Republican Party what she has done for Alaska, we will all be the better for it.

Considering the alternatives of Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman (McCain would NEVER have picked Romney) we should just celebrate this entry onto the national political stage of someone conservatives can really get behind. Her real test will be remaining truly conservative when, and if, she goes to Washington. But that is a bridge she can cross when the time comes. For now, paint me a born-again McCainiac.

Classic Rush On Palin

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Rush’s show yesterday was funny, insightful and remarkably candid. A few gems from the daily Rush update.

Pearl of Wisdom: “Here’s the way to look at McCain picking Sarah Palin as his running mate. Hillary Clinton has been replaced by the other woman…again.”

Jimmy Carter says McCain is “milking every possible drop of advantage from that unfortunate experience in his military life.” He means McCain’s 5-1/2 years as a POW in Vietnam, and his service in that war. You forget John Kerry, Jimmuh?

Student Who Took Eucharist Voted Out

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Webster Cook, 23, a Catholic and student, and Senator of the University of Central Florida’s Student Government Association, was voted out and removed from his position.

Cook secretly took the Eucharist out of the church after mass.

Cook says he is Catholic and went to Catholic school. He knows he has to eat the Eucharist and had planned to. SGA colleagues said Cook’s behavior on June 29 was not becoming of someone on their board. Cook says what he did was not meant to hurt or disrespect. “I didnt think that not taking the Eucharist immediately would disrupt mass. I previously witnessed people return to their seats and break it to share with someone; people who are ill. I’ve seen people go back and pray. I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary,” Cook said.

Cook says he feels his rights were violated. He believes he was manhandled by churchgoers who made a scene screaming that he had stolen the Eucharist and tried to pry it out of his hands before he could eat it.

The SGA is to be commended for taking this malfeasance seriously as an ethics violation.

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August 30, 2008 at 1:35 am

Casey Anthony Rearrested

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Casey Anthony was rearrested today at her home in Orlando. But it’s not for the charge of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony after police investigation found that there was a decomposing body in the trunk of her car. She was arrested for ‘economic crimes.’ Charges of uttering a forged instrument, fraudulent use of personal information and petty theft.

My thoughts about Anthony’s landing back in jail is that with the results of the University of Tennessee tests, police now have more leverage and ammunition to squeeze Casey to confess. Under the hovering and confrontation from officers and the state attorney’s office, Casey’s liable to crack soon and confess. The end could be in sight, thank goodness. Caylee Anthony deserves to rest in peace.

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August 30, 2008 at 1:18 am