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Is Sarah Palin "Ready?"

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John McCain picks a ‘dyed in the wool’ conservative running mate, with a life story and political history that make Obama look like the Chicago hack politician he is, and all some conservatives can do is moan about her lack of experience. One blogger at National Review Online worries that “After all, her career in the “city council” and as mayor of a town few outside of Alaska have ever heard of doesn’t exactly prepare her to preside over National Security Council meetings in the President’s absence, to serve as a close adviser to the President on counterterrorism issues, or to have the nuke “football” at her side 24/7.”

Such talk is common now among conservatives who praise Palin’s values and character, while wringing their hands over her lack of experience. “How can we criticize Obama’s lack of experience when McCain picks someone who has only been a governor for two years?” The answer ought to be obvious. If Obama wins the election, he will be president on “day one.” (A phrase I am beginning to detest.) Conversely, if McCain and Palin win election, Palin will likely be vice president for an extended period even if McCain is not able to serve out his full term. The worry about Palin is exaggerated because she not only already has more executive experience than Obama (and McCain and Biden for that matter), but she also will have the added experience of having served as vice president in the unfortunate event she is called on to replace McCain.

More to the point, the quality of one’s experience should count for more than just the quantity. In her two years as governor of Alaska, two terms as mayor of a small town, her time as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and two terms as a member of the city council in her home town, Palin consitently fought against corruption and self dealing. She is exactly the type of conservative the country and the Republican Party need.

She is like a young, female Fred Thompson. If McCain wins and she serves well as vice president, we may finally have a true conservative on the national stage for years to come. Think Palin/Jindal 2012. If she can do for the Republican Party what she has done for Alaska, we will all be the better for it.

Considering the alternatives of Tom Ridge and Joe Lieberman (McCain would NEVER have picked Romney) we should just celebrate this entry onto the national political stage of someone conservatives can really get behind. Her real test will be remaining truly conservative when, and if, she goes to Washington. But that is a bridge she can cross when the time comes. For now, paint me a born-again McCainiac.


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