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My Newest Favorite Commercial

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I love the song, love the dogs… love the ad.


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June 26, 2009 at 4:53 pm

Obama’s Smart Diplomacy Impotent and Naivé

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He may not want to go on Fox News network just because of insightful political pundits like Charles Krauthammer. The 2009 Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Commentary opinon disparaged NØbama’s ‘smart diplomacy’ foreign policies on Fox’s Special Report With Bret Baier. Comparing 16 years of President Bush and Clinton’s administration policies not necessarily stopping but slowing North Korea’s nuclear proliferation down, it’s only taken North Korea six months to flaunt in the face of the United States’ Supreme Leader:

“…a nuclear defense rocket launch, long range missile tests, explosion of a nuclear weapon a third of the size of the Hiroshima bombs, the declaration that the entire stock of plutonium that the Bush Adminstration had frozen is going to be weaponized, declaration that the uranium program that the Bush Administration talked about (that the Democrats said was an invention of the Bush Administration) is going to start uranium enrichment. All of that, and the seizure of two Americans. If that is not a repudiation and humiliation of Obama politics on North Korea, then nothing is.”

Six months? The minute Obama becomes president, he befriends our enemies, alienates our allies. Our enemies knew what was coming and bided it’s time because Obama said he was going to change America. The world is less safe. Our country is even more disrespected behind Obama’s date-night, savior-faire back now than when George W. Bush had the reins. Yet the MSM’s, the Democrats, and the Republicans, do not have enough guts to speak the truth about this inexperienced, unvetted, naive, and dangerous man in the White House.

Will America be able to survive?

Hovering On High, Obama Surveys The World – Charles Krauthammer, Townhall
The Audacity of Unawareness – The Texas Rainmaker

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June 16, 2009 at 7:34 pm

Why Won’t NØbama Appear On Fox?

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ABC becomes the one and the true Obama Network streaming live from the throes of the White House. ABCAMA statement:

“ABCNEWS alone will select those who will be in the audience asking questions of the president.”

Guess how many conservatives ABC will choose to be there? Right. Zippo.

Meanwhile Cavuto is kvetching about Obama appearing everywhere to push his health care program but avoiding Neil Cavuto and Fox Network outright. When you think about how many people Obama would reach though Fox audiences, it’s mindboggling that he refuses to appear on the network. Fox’s viewership is what all other networks numbers combined.Is it because Obama doesn’t want to discuss anything with the intelligent Fox audiences or because he knows his scams will not hold up if more people see the emperor’s new programs?

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June 16, 2009 at 6:10 pm

Iran Imploding After Fake Elections

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Terror in the streets with freedom protesters, students, and business owners beaten from Ahmadinejad’s thugs. Internet, television, and newspapers have been shut down.

Breitbart has fourteen videos from Iran but there is no coverage on this Sunday night on any channel. Thank goodness for bloggers and cell phones now which means more impotence for MSM’s!

Iran Wants Its Freedom

More martyrs will die for the right to be free and here in the United States we are going in the opposite direction and taking our freedoms away!

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June 14, 2009 at 10:46 pm

Israel Is Part Of Middle East

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Just in case anybody is “not in the know” [aka liberals], Israel is part of the Middle East and has every right to adopt Arab customs. At least that’s what CBS is informing its readers.

Howard Arenstein posted a report on the lacksadaisical posture of NØbama in serious talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It shows NØbama in a comfortable reclining position with his feet on his desk and the soles of his shoe displayed. It’s a typical photograph of the first president ever in history to not wear a tie in the Oval Office.

Supposedly Israel is upset and I’m sure that there are those who are offended by NØbama’s casual approach to nuclear war in the Middle East.

He has too many world issues that he alone has to solve besides worrying about fashion. He sure has heck doesn’t care about protocol or what our allies, France and Britain, think of him. The drive-by-deemed worthy god wants the world to know NØbama is above pettiness.

But that’s NØbama. He’s an arrogant elitist. We already knew that. My problem with Arenstein’s report is that he had to explain to his audience that Israel is a part of the Middle East.

It is considered an insult in the Arab world to show the sole of your shoe to someone. It is not a Jewish custom necessarily, but Israel feels enough a part of the Middle East after 60 years to be insulted too.

Maybe the CBS reporter flew on British Midlands and learned that on its air traffic maps Israel didn’t exist. Or maybe its’ because Arenstein was educated at the socialist foundation’s funded Annenberg School of Communications. It’s hard to think that professionally living for over 7 years in Israel as a reporter for the Jerusalem Post newspaper and Israel Radio, Arenstein doesn’t get that the majority of the world understands that Israel has a right to live in peace.

Arenstein would have his readers relate to Israel in a special way. That it’s nice to learn Israel is feeling comfortable in its shoes as part of the Middle East. Not the Jews, mind you… just Israel.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… I mean the Global White House, Barack wants the world to know he has everything under control. So much so, I expect a photo op soon of NØbama barefoot.

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June 14, 2009 at 10:39 am

Iran Wants It’s Freedom

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BBC’s Don Simpson reports from Iran on the violent street protests over the corrupt presidential elections. Incumbent President Tom won with ‘more than suspect’ overwhelming votes that doesn’t seem to corroborate what Iranians want. They want their freedom.

Of course, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama are happy with the “robust” dialogue that Iran seemed to allow. The NØbama regime really does live in their own little world. Of course, they have freedom.

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H/T to Sullydoug!

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June 13, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Karl Rove Is Iron Man

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Or is it Dick Cheney? Both!

Tip of the drumsticks to Snowballed.

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June 12, 2009 at 11:08 pm