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Does God Only Understand Latin?

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Traditionalist Catholics hope that Latin masses will boost parish attendances but not everyone agrees that they will do anything to keep Catholics from leaving the Catholic Church or bring back the sheep that have left.

Susan Gibbs, spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Washington, says, “Of 150,000 people in the Washington DC area who attend Mass each week, less than 500 choose the Tridentine Mass,” which has been available in the city since 1985.

Accessibility isn’t an issue, since the rite is already offered in three locations scattered across the city and suburbs.

Latin masses have their place on the weekly schedule if there is a majority in that parish who prefer the mass said in the universal language of the Catholic Church. In our local church, the mass is spoken in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Providing for the needs of it’s local parishoners is what should be important, not forcing people to concentrate on saying words that are foreign to them when they should be focused on mass.

What will most people do if the Latin mass is the only mass they can go to? What most Catholics pre-Vatican 2 did. They will sit in the pews and recite their rosary during mass.

There’s only two generations of Catholics in the world left living who remember when the Latin masses were the norm. In 20 years, what language will predominate the United States? The Church’s push to protect illegal aliens will be a huge factor in the final outcome. I guarantee you, it won’t be Latin.

Deus beatus nos totus in ullus lingua.

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May 27, 2007 at 5:50 pm

Where Is The Security With French Port Contractors?

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What is it about the French and their corrupted practices of dealing with the enemy? The heinous United Nations Food for Oil scandal, now the South Miami port’s number one contractor seems to be a French company with ties to Cuba and its’ terrorist-loving regime.

A foreign company set to build a massive tunnel project at a major U.S. seaport has close ties to the government of a country that has long appeared on the State Department’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

The French construction giant (Bouygues Travaux Publics) is the preferred contractor to build a $1 billion tunnel at the South Florida Port of Miami, the world’s top cruise ship terminal with nearly 4 million passengers annually and one of the country’s busiest cargo ports with about one million containers a year.

It turns out that the French company has very close ties with Cuba and has in fact teamed up with its communist government to build nearly a dozen high-end resorts. Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro has even praised the company during his marathon speeches to the masses.

The State Department has for years listed Cuba as a nation that sponsors terrorism, along with other U.S. enemies such as Iran and Syria. In fact, a recent State Department report on terrorism says that Cuba, Iran and Syria have not renounced terrorism or made efforts to act against foreign terrorist organizations.

It seems ironic that U.S. tax dollars—in this case state, county and city–will go to a company with such a cozy relationship to a notorious America basher and supporter of terrorism. Then, there is the very pressing national security issue.

Thanks to Dave!

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May 14, 2007 at 8:09 pm

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General’s Penetrating Words For Our Military

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Michael Yon has posted the letter below from General Petraeus.

One of the reasons I trust General Petraeus is he just comes right out and says what needs to be said. The letter which he sent to our forces serving in Iraq (posted below) is a case in point. The letter is more important than it might appear on first glance.

It’s important to keep in mind that the drive-by, Bush-hating media, the Democratic liberals, and the wussy-assed Republicans don’t want to see a victory in Iraq. They just want to get liberals elected to office.

Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen serving in Multi-National Force-Iraq:

Our values and the laws governing warfare teach us to respect human dignity, maintain our integrity, and do what is right. Adherence to our values distinguishes us from our enemy. This fight depends on securing the population, which must understand that we—not our enemies—occupy the moral high ground. This strategy has shown results in recent months. Al Qaeda’s indiscriminate attacks, for example, have finally started to turn a substantial proportion ofthe Iraqi population against it.
In view of this, I was concerned by the results of a recently released survey conducted last fall in Iraq that revealed an apparent unwillingness on the part of some US personnel to report illegal actions taken by fellow members of their units. The study also indicated that a small percentage of those surveyed may have mistreated noncombatants. This survey should spur reflection on our conduct in combat.

I fully appreciate the emotions that one experiences in Iraq. I also know first hand the bonds between members of the ” brotherhood of the close fight. ” Seeing a fellow trooper killed by a barbaric enemy can spark frustration, anger, and a desire for immediate revenge. As hard as it might be, however, we must not let these emotions lead us—or our comrades in arrns—to commit hasty, illegal actions. In the event that we witness or hear of such actions, we must not let our bonds prevent us from speaking up.

Some may argue that we would be more effective if we sanctioned torture or other expedient methods to obtain information from the enemy. They would be wrong. Beyond the basic fact that such actions are illegal, history shows that they also are frequently neither useful nor necessary. Certainly, extreme physical action can make someone “talk;” however, what the individual says may be of questionable value. In fact, our experience in applying the interrogation standards laid out in the Army Field Manual (2-22.3) on Human Intelligence Collector Operations that was published last year shows that the techniques in the manual work effectively and humanely in eliciting information from detainees. We are, indeed, warriors. We train to kill our enemies. We are engaged in combat, we must pursue the enemy relentlessly, and we must be violent at times. What sets us apart from our enemies in this fight, however, is how we behave. In everything we do, we must observe the standards and values that dictate that we treat noncombatants and detainees with dignity and respect. While we are warriors, we are also all human beings. Stress caused by lengthy deployments and combat is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign that we are human. If you feel such stress, do not hesitate to talk to your chain of command, your chaplain, or a medical expert.

We should use the survey results to renew our commitment to the values and standards that make us who we are and to spur re-examinat ion of these issues. Leaders, in part \icular, need to discuss these issues with their troopers — and, as always, they need to set the right example and strive to ensure proper conduct. We should never underestimate the importance of good leadership and the difference it can make.

Thanks for what you continue to do. It is an honor to serve with each of you.
David H. Petraeus,
General, United States Army

How can the Republicans let our military down this way? Grow a spine, Congress! We need leaders in the White House and representing us.

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May 14, 2007 at 5:54 pm

King Herod’s Tomb Found

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The tomb had never been found until now.

The tomb is at a site called Herodium, a flattened hilltop in the Judean Desert, clearly visible from southern Jerusalem. Herod built a palace on the hill, and researchers discovered his burial site there, the university said.

The university had hoped to keep the find a secret until Tuesday, when it planned a news conference to disclose the find in detail, but the Haaretz newspaper found out about the discovery and published an article on its Web site.

Herod became the ruler of the Holy Land under the Romans around 74 B.C. The wall he built around the Old City of Jerusalem still stands, and he also ordered big construction projects in Caesaria, Jericho, the hilltop fortress of Massada and other sites.

It has long been assumed Herod was buried at Herodium, but decades of excavations had failed to turn up the site. The 1st century historian Josephus Flavius described the tomb and Herod’s funeral procession.

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May 8, 2007 at 12:30 am

The Queen’s Visit

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The White Tie Dinner at the White House.

Spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender

Chive pizzelle with American caviar
Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 2004

Dover sole almondine

Roasted artichokes, pequillo peppers and olives

Saddle of spring lamb

Chanterelle sauce

Fricassee of baby vegetables

Peter Michael Les Pavots 2003

Arugula, Savannah mustard and mint romaine

Champagne dressing and trio of farmhouse cheeses

“Rose Blossoms”

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2004

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May 8, 2007 at 12:19 am

Proof That Man Can See Into The Future?

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Okay, so you can’t take seriously a newspaper that has departments such as Femail, Fantasy League, Suduko, and the TV and Show Biz categories listed before the Science and Technology; but this article from the UK’s Daily Mail, caught my eye, but then again I knew it would. This is a subject I relate to, having experienced more than one incident of premonition and “knowing” ahead of time something was going to happen.

Do some of us avoid tragedy by foreseeing it? Some scientists nowbelieve that the brain really CAN predict events before they happen.

Professor Dick Bierman sits hunched over his computer in a darkened room. The gentle whirring of machinery can be heard faintly in the background. He smiles and presses a grubby-looking red button.

In the next room, a patient slips slowly inside a hospital brain scanner. If it wasn’t for the strange smiles and grimaces that flicker across the woman’s face, you could be forgiven for thinking this was just a normal health check.

But this scanner is engaged in one of the most profound paranormal experiments of all time, one that may well prove whether or not it is possible to predict the future. For the results – released exclusively to the Daily Mail – suggest that ordinary people really do have a sixth sense that can help them ‘see’ the future.

Such amazing studies – if verified – might help explain the predictive powers of mediums and a range of other psychic phenomena such Extra Sensory Perception, deja vu and clairvoyance. On a more mundane level, it may account for ‘gut feelings’ and instinct.

The man behind the experiments is certainly convinced. “We’re satisfied that people can sense the future before it happens,” says Professor Bierman, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam.

“We’d now like to move on and see what kind of person is particularly good at it.” And Bierman is not alone: his findings mirror the data gathered by other scientists and paranormal researchers both here and abroad.

Professor Brian Josephson, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from Cambridge University, says: “So far, the evidence seems compelling. What seems to be happening is that information is coming from the future.

“In fact, it’s not clear in physics why you can’t see the future. In physics, you certainly cannot completely rule out this effect.”

Virtually all the great scientific formulae which explain how the world works allow information to flow backwards and forwards through time – they can work either way, regardless.

We already know what we need to know, we just need to know that we know. Trust your instincts more.

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May 8, 2007 at 12:11 am

Gore’s Increasing Spirituality

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Environmentalism is cited as the new religion of the left and Gore is the Anti-Christ.

The former vice president referred continually to a “new way of thinking” that is emerging in the country and offered hope in the battle to control the effects global warming will have on the planet.

“It’s in part a spiritual crisis,” Gore told the crowd in the Convention Center at the American Institute of Architects national convention. “It’s a crisis of our own self-definition — who we are. Are we creatures destined to destroy our own species? Clearly not.”

Environmental Anti-christ Is Coming.

Green Fervour – The New Paganism

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May 8, 2007 at 12:02 am