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Cato Institute Responds: Sorry, Mr. President, That Is Not True

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“There is no disagreement that we need action by our government, a recovery plan that will help to jumpstart the economy.”
With all due respect Mr. President, that is not true.
– Cato Institute

Cato Institute takes out ads in hundreds of newspapers across the United States disputing Obama’s economic solutions as the only answer. Hundreds of economicists across the country disagree with Obama.

Check out Fiscal Reality Central.

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February 20, 2009 at 10:55 pm

New Stimulus Mascot

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February 20, 2009 at 10:35 pm

UPDATE: Argentina Expels Bishop Richard Williamson Out

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Bishop Richard Williamson was ordered to leave the country within 10 days by Argentina’s government. The Vatican had no comment.

The Argentine Interior Ministry said Bishop Williamson’s statements on the Holocaust “profoundly insult Argentine society, the Jewish community and all of humanity by denying an historic truth”.

The Argentine interior ministry said that Bishop Williamson had not declared “his true activity” as the director of the seminary on immigration forms, and had “concealed the true motive for his stay in the country” by claiming to be an employee of a non-governmental body.

The government said it had been unaware of Bishop Williamson’s position until recent publicity, but added that his views were a factor in the decision to expel him.
Guillermo Oliveri, the government’s secretary for religious affairs, said: “I absolutely agree with the expulsion of a man residing in our country following his statements [denying] one of the greatest human tragedies.”


Holocaust Denying Bishop Ousted, Feb 9, 2009

Did we even know Bishop Williamson was in charge of an “Argentinian” seminary? How long has the Catholic Church’s hierarchy knew that he had these feelings to begin with? Argentina is where the Nazis fled during and after World War II? Bishop Williamson has been let go of his position after legitimate chastisement from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Apparently surprised by the vociferous reaction to the rehabilitation of Bishop Williamson, including unusual public criticism from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, the pope’s native country, the Vatican said Bishop Williamson must recant his views on the Holocaust.

The pope has also made efforts to soothe offended relations with Jews and other groups angered by Bishop Williamson’s rehabilitation, saying he had been unaware of the bishop’s views.

News of Bishop Williamson’s dismissal from the Argentine seminary came after the pope and Chancellor Merkel had a “cordial and constructive” phone conversation, spokesmen for both said Sunday.

Once again, in order to be compassionate and above the crowds, to do the supposedly right thing, the Catholic Church has placed the needs of one person over the needs of the many victims.

Germany Investigating Williamson For Holocaust Denial

Previous Sma’ Talk Wi’ T posts on troubled bishops.

ToccataMundi’s comments:

“Apparently surprised by the vociferous reaction to the rehabilitation of Bishop Williamson….”

How many more times does the Vatican get to be surprised by what is happening in the Church?? Can they still claim to be “surprised” by pedophile priests and the two-thirds of American bishops who covered for them? Are they “surprised” so much that nearly all of the perp bishops are still in office or drawing paychecks from the Church? Was there truly no one to tell the Pope that one of his reinstated Bishops denied the Holocaust? Or maybe he just didn’t bother to ask?

In the Real World, “surprises” like this get one fired, jailed or sued. In the world of Faith, “Surprised by Joy” is encouraging; “Surprised by Sandbags” destroys credibility.

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February 20, 2009 at 2:23 am

Henrietta Homeless Has Means When She Has To

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Barack Obama got hosed again in townhall meeting by welfare leech Henrietta Hughes and her son. She actually is a real estate investor. South Florida television station WINK:

However, a local organization is coming forward saying Hughes isn’t being honest about how much help she’s had in the past.

The director of We Care Outreach Ministry, Tanya Johnson, says just last month she offered Henrietta Hughes permanent housing and a place to stay free for three months, but Hughes refused.

“We would have allowed her to stay for the first 90 days, no income. You know free,” said Tanya Johnson.

We Care Outreach Ministry is a faith based organization in Fort Myers.

Johnson says she also gave Henrietta and her son Corey, money, food and offered Corey job training courses, but it was refused.

“We have extended a lot of her services to her,” Johnson said.

But Henrietta Hughes says these services weren’t free and the apartment in East Fort Myers came with a price tag.

Hughes says Tanya Johnson wanted $400 a month immediately.

The disability check Hughes gets is a little more than $800 a month.

Hughes owes money on a loan, has her car insurance payment, a monthly storage bill and says she couldn’t afford the rent.

“Where was I going to get $400 a month to give her if I got these expenses,” Hughes told WINK News.

WINK News Reporter Nick Spinetto went back to talk to Tanya Johnson.
She stands by her story.

Henrietta Hughes says she’s never taken advantage of the system and doesn’t choose to be homeless. Like other programs she’s tried to get help from,she says We Care couldn’t meet her needs.

State Representative Nick Thompson and his wife Chene are standing by Henrietta and her son, Corey. They spoke out against the allegations Henrietta is milking the system, even when confronted with the fact WINK News found out the Hughes’ sold property, back in 2005. This is after Henrietta and her son lost their home in 2003 and started living in their car. Henrietta and her son sold the land for $47,000 dollars. But Chene Thompson says that was all the money they had for several years and it’s gone.

“They have nothing today. They need help today. They didn’t need help in 2005. They need help today. So whether they had $47,000 or $147,000 in 2005, it doesn’t matter. They don’t have any money today,” she said.

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February 19, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Don’t Go Movement

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Meet them at the Chicago Tea Party in July!

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February 19, 2009 at 9:50 pm

Chicago Tea Party In July

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Rick Santelli, of CNBC rants on the Chicago stock market floor about Obama’s horrible porkulus bill is not the answer.

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February 19, 2009 at 9:16 pm

Time Magazine: FOCA Is A Mythical Bill

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How do you know when everyday voters are making a difference in the war against abortion? When TIME magazine writes an editorial stating that the Freedom of Choice Act is a mythical bill. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Postcard campaign against Obama’s murder of millions of babies is making headlines with Congress getting bombarded by voters, Catholic and non-Catholics. Patrick Madrid writes about Time’s crusade against the Catholic Church.

The U.S. Catholic Church’s crusade against the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) has all the hallmarks of a well-oiled lobbying campaign. A national postcard campaign is flooding the White House and congressional offices with messages opposing FOCA, and Catholic bishops have made defeating the abortion rights legislation a top priority. In the most recent effort to stop the bill, Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia sent a letter to every member of Congress imploring them to “please oppose FOCA.”

There is only one hitch. Congress isn’t about to pass the Freedom of Choice Act — because no such bill has been introduced in the current Congress.

Go to Patrick Madrid’s real facts about FOCA. Keep up the good work, Catholics. The gates of Hell, shall not prevail.

Here’s Obama’s promise to sign FOCA into law.

Fight FOCA

Send a Postcard to Congress: Stop FOCA!

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February 19, 2009 at 7:24 pm