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Favorite Revolution Signs At Orlando Tea Party

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UPDATE: More Great TEAPARTY Signs for APRIL 15th!

  • Conservatives meet: AFTER WORK!
  • I used my Stimulus Check to Buy A Gun!
  • Can You Say Earn It?
  • Education: Start Teaching Math!
  • Porkulus: Blue State Bailout!
  • Conservative: Because Everyone Can’t Be On Welfare!

What Happened At The Orlando Teaparty?

  • “Hey Congress! Don’t make me release my Flying Monkeys”
  • “My Grandchild is Already $35,000 in debt thanks to the Government”
  • “Complete Incompetence or Sinister Plan – You Take Your Pick!”
  • Favorite:”220 Years To Build A Republic – 1 Month To Destroy It “
  • “We Have No King!”
  • “Government is not Your MOMMY”
  • “B.O. We Can’t Afford Your Expertise!”
  • “Øbama is Howdy Doody 4 Pelosi + Reid ”
  • “Hope We Have Some Change Left”
  • “Repeal The Pork Or Your Bacon Is Cooked!
  • “This Little Piggy Robbed The Market”
  • “Øbama: Commander in Thief “
  • “Don’t Tax Me Bro”
  • “Dude! Where’s My Country? ”
  • “Welcome to the U.S.S.A – It’s an Obamanation!”
  • “Party Like It’s 1773!”
  • “Santelli Fired The Shot Heard Round The World”
  • Sign held by a 8 year old: “When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Free!”
  • “Honk For Capitalism”
  • “Our Representation Addicted To Taxation”
  • “Obama Is Not My Daddy!”
  • “Uncle Sam Is Anti-American (Think about this one – say it slowly)
  • Sign held up by an 11 year old: “Obama, I Am Indebted To You!”
  • “Obama Lied, Liberty Died”
  • “Drill Oil, Not My Backpocket!”
  • “I’m Tea’d Off!”
  • “Stop The Insani-Tea!”
  • “You Better Hope He [picture of Obama] Fails… and soon!”
  • Poster of President George Washington with a phrase bubble saying “WTF?”
  • “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Sarah!”
  • “TEA = Taxed Enough Already!”
  • “In 480 B.C. 300 Spartans Sent A Message To Xerxes. In 2009 80 Million Gun Owners Will Send The Same Message To Obama: Actual Greek words [Translation: Come and get them!]
  • “Obama: the Anti-Lincoln Toward Wounded Veterans”
  • Obama: Chains You Can Believe In!
  • Think Health Care is Expensive? Wait Till It’s Free!


Written by smalltalkwitht

March 21, 2009 at 7:22 pm

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