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A Letter To President Obama

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The November elections was not the end of our fight to take back our country from the brink of socialism. It was just the first battle. This Non Populus video says it all. Watch it and spread it like wildfire throughout the country! President Obama needs to hear “We the People” voices.

Tricorn H/T to Sandy and Irene!


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November 27, 2010 at 9:38 pm

We Will Remember In November

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This video from January 2010 on PowerLine’s blog is extremely powerful.  John Hindraker writes:

This video doesn’t exactly represent our point of view–we never fell for Obama’s “hope and change” scam–but it does speak for many millions of Americans. It’s nicely done. We’ll see a lot more of this kind of populist calling of Democrats to account between now and November:

UPDATE: Apparently liberals have been trying to drive this video off YouTube. The original link no longer works; this one does, for now at least:

It’s not only Republicans and conservatives that are upset with this Obamanation regime. It’s the Democrats, Independents, and Fringe minorities that totally fell for O’s bunk, hook, line, and sinker.

Patriotic Tricorn H/T to Laffs.

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April 25, 2010 at 12:46 pm

Send Marco Rubio A Real Conservative To Congress

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We cannot send another RINO to Congress! Gov. Charlie Crist has already aligned himself with Obama’s policies. He has shown with his extravagant travels ala Obama, support of the TARP bill, and getting chastised by the Florida Supreme Court why he now has the worst governor approval rating of his term.

And you know when liberals tout Crist for being the “right” (no pun intended) kind of Republican and just what the GOP needs, that Crist isn’t conservative.

No matter where you live in the United States, follow Marco Rubio on Twitter @MarcoRubio and donate to his campaign. Florida and out of state patriots must support conservatives in all campaign races in 2010 and 2012! Send $5, $10, $20 to every conservative race in the country.

Scott Brown’s is another must campaign for donations!

It is the only way to save our country from Obama’s and his thuggish administration’s agenda.

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December 30, 2009 at 12:01 am

The Revolution Is Coming

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[via Newfederalistla]

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November 29, 2009 at 5:37 pm

Haute Benzene

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Chef ObamaHaute cuisine: Meals packaged and served to arrogant privileged in rationed, expensive portions.

Haute benzene: Nationalized health care packaged and served to ignorant bourgeoius in rationed, expensive portions. 

Millions of people (victims) around the world are ignorant about how their national health care works in other countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and Europe. It’s is easily researched. You don’t need to be a couch potato about health care!

If you think the haute benzene health care managed by a bankrupt, dysfunctional, and corrupt government system, is the way to go, why aren’t you asking questions? Why are the majority of doctors in the United States against ObamaCare?

Take Great Britain for example. One of my own family living in England found a lump in her breast and was told it would be months before a biopsy could be done. She went the next day to a private surgeon and had the lump removed. Thank goodness, it was benign but she could have died if she didn’t have access to the option of a private doctor. Well, that’s just my own anecdotal “how close to death have you come” story. It doesn’t mean squat to radicals with goals of instituting socialism.

Let’s use published facts: Noted conservative radio talk show host and best selling author, Mark Levin goes into grave details on death rates with the UK’s national health care policies. Even Britain’s own Health Care Minister welcomes the rising rate of abortion in the UK. As I’ve said before, it’s not in the best interest of socialist governments to have large populations needing medical care.

There’s more. This week in a letter to the UK Telegraph, a team of ‘end of life’ care doctors warned that thousands of people are being misdiagnosed. These concerned medical experts “…claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death.”

Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.


“He [Dr. Hargraves] added that some patients were being “wrongly” put on the pathway, which created a “self-fulfilling prophecy” that they would die.

He said: “I have been practising palliative medicine for more than 20 years and I am getting more concerned about this “death pathway” that is coming in.

“It is supposed to let people die with dignity but it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

“Patients who are allowed to become dehydrated and then become confused can be wrongly put on this pathway…”

He said that he had personally taken patients off the pathway who went on to live for “significant” amounts of time and warned that many doctors were not checking the progress of patients enough to notice improvement in their condition.

Prof Millard said that it was “worrying” that patients were being “terminally” sedated, using syringe drivers, which continually empty their contents into a patient over the course of 24 hours.

In 2007-08 16.5 per cent of deaths in Britain came about after continuous deep sedation, according to researchers at the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, twice as many as in Belgium and the Netherlands.

But that is exactly what palliative care doctors have been instructed to do by national care policies. It’s not what they want to do, they HAVE to. There’s not enough money from the government to provide adequate care for all of its citizens. Scotland’s General Medical Council’s May 2009 policy guidelines, Page 14, #33 speaks about Resource Constraints:

33. Decisions about what treatment options can be offered may be complicated by resource constraints – for example, funding restrictions on certain treatments in the NHS, or lack of availability of intensive care beds. In such circumstances, you must balance sometimes competing duties towards the individual patient, the wider population, funding bodies and employers. There will often be no simple solution and, ideally, decisions about access to treatments should be made on the basis of an agreed local or national policy, which takes account of the human rights implications. Decisions made on a case-by-case basis, without reference to agreed policy, risk introducing elements of unfair discrimination or failure to properly consider the patient’s human rights (see paragraph 14).

What funding restrictions? Rationed healthcare? An overtaxed people with a bankrupt government? The GMC’s last sentence in #33, “risk introducing elements of unfair discrimination or failure to properly consider the patient’s human rights,” is an euphemism for “Don’t give the NHS bad publicity or get the government sued!”

I’ve documented the poor quality of nationalized healthcare. I’ve been castigated by leftwingers for speaking against the failed healthcare systems. Jim from Canada taunted me with typical haute rhetoric:

“… Either you’re a sloppy researcher or a liar. Also do you know the methodology used by the Frasier Institute to arrive at tha estimate. I suspect you don’t but if you knew anything about research you would know it is a fundamentally flawed study. But as usual don’t let the facts get in the way of making your argument.”

Read my response here. Simply put, I had to reply back with facts that could have started with SNL’s retort “Jim, you ignorant…”

Obama nor his administration care about the health care system or the health of the American people. He cares about his dream of changing America. He’s an elitist, wannabe world leader. While he trotted his family in luxury across Europe eating haute cuisine room service, and sucking up to America’s enemies, our country was experiencing the worst economic emergencies since the Depression.

Now he is repackaging his ‘Haute Benzene” healthcare bill so he can pass “something” and not be considered an egotistical failure. Don’t be fooled. He’s worried about his agenda instead of the fate of millions of Americans.

Don’t be too hungry for what President Obama and Congress want to serve you. You could end up dying from starvation.

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September 5, 2009 at 5:12 pm