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To All Veterans ~ We Will Never Forget Your Sacrifice!

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Working with Project Compassion, Utah artist, Kaziah Hancock paints portraits of fallen soldiers for their families. Hancock considers every soldier she memorializes as one of her adopted sons and daughters. Hancock and others like her in charities like Project Compassion are what makes America great.

Thank you to all the veterans – men and women – who have fought for our country’s freedoms. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten.


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November 11, 2010 at 1:45 pm

Eyewitnesses Come To Life In 1641 Irish Rebellion

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Searchable archives of Protestant eyewitness accounts of the bloody 17th century Irish Rebellion will be open to the public on October 22nd, 2010. Starting in Dublin, the ten year Catholic revolt, eventually spread through all of Ireland and resulted in the deaths of 12,000 Irish Protestants.

A treasure trove for genealogists and linguists, Internet users will find over 90,000 people named in the transcribed, one-of-a-kind historic digitalized records at Trinity College, Dublin. The archives could prove healing to Irish families, both Protestant and Catholic in understanding what led up to the rebellion which eventually led to the wrathful massacre.

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October 22, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Get Your NASA Pocket Knife Before They’re Gone!

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To commemorate Barack Hussein Obama’s mission to outsource our space program and create more unemployment in this country, this pocket jackknife has been created.

To make Muslims “FEEL GOOD” about themselves? WTF? Charles Krauthammer is correct, this isn’t a fatwa, it’s fatuousness. Obama is determined to destory our country’s economy with unemployment, outsourcing, and government regulation.

The only other good news would be that Chinese factories manufactured millions of the knives. What a great legacy Obama is leaving the United States!

Tug of the burka to CSteven and Andrew Thomas

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October 5, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Restoring Honor

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Where were you on 8-28? That’s what future generations will ask their parents and grandparents.  The answer for many will be: “I was at the Lincoln Memorial restoring honor.” 

Glenn Beck was told in prayer “Build it and they will come” and they came.  The Restore Honor 8-28 event to inspire Americans to put God back into their lives was a peaceful, inspiring success. Hundreds of thousands (conservative estimates range from 300,000 to 1,000,000) of adults, children, teenagers, families, retirees, small business owners, wheelchairs, and canes, disabled veterans, World War II veterans, Vietnam veterans, Gulf Storm veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, whites, blacks, Asians, teachers, ministers, union members, gays,  Jews, Catholics, Mormons, and Christians of all denominations.  They came from every state, and from all over the world.  They came to pray, to uplift America, to give our country hope, and to restore honor.

Similar to 9-12 March on Washington, the morning started off with packed DC Metro trains from every direction. Walking to the Lincoln Memorial, we could see the Capital and the Washington Memorial, and we could see the hate.

By 9:00am the Reflection Pond in front of the Lincoln Memorial was already full, the crowds spilling over to both grassy areas on either side to the pond on the right and the World War II Memorial. Placed within view of the crowds were at least eight Jumbotron screens. Families spread out picnic blankets, folding chairs were set up, and people prepared to hear Glenn Beck and his good word.

Dad, Mom, A Family of Capitalists

The faith-filled event began with photographs of every state showing the beauty of America’s resources. Cheers were heard as people recognized their state’s natural symbols.  Despite multiple requests, the military were not allowed to participate, but at 9:59am God sent His own military flyover which drew awes and cheers from the packed crowd. It was an incredible sight to see and my eyes teared up when I couldn’t snap a photograph quick enough. Glenn said there were going to be miracles.

I wore wrist bands for those who were not able to come, my grandchildren, disabled military veterans, mothers, and A Patriotic Nurse unable to get off work. The most emotional moment for me came when Glenn Beck welcomed home the Vietnam veterans. As I wiped the tears from my eyes, I could see that several veterans standing nearby were wiping their eyes as well.

Glenn began with   “America today begins to turn back to God,” and he was correct.

All I saw was kindness, respect, and honor for all people, all faiths, and our veterans, heroes of World War II, Koren War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, and military who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. No confrontations, no hatred, or vitriole. Everyone was happy and glad to be there. There were some confrontations coming to light after the event like these black Tea Partiers who were being bated by ignorant white liberals.

Courtesy: Iowntheworld

The Restoring Honor agenda was inspirational, featuring the National Anthem, and the songs “Heaven Was Needing A Hero” and “America, the Beautiful,” beautifully sung by Jo Dee Messina. Lined up in a group were over 200 of the charter member’s of the Black-Robed Regiment, ministers and preachers devoted to restoring honor in America in their churches and parishes. An Eagle Scout led the Pledge of Allegiance. Reverend Dave Roever, a Bronze Medal winner and military hero, gave the benediction.

Sarah Palin present the first Award of Merit given to Armed Services veterans, Purple Heart Marcus Luttrell, Navy SEAL, Afganistan, Founder of the Lone Survivor Foundation, James “Eddie” Wright, Marine Sergeant, Iraq Co-founder of
Operation Grateful Nation, and to Thomas Henry “Tom” Kirk, Jr.,Air Force squadron commander, Vietnam Hanoi Hilton,cellmate of John McCain.

The first Badge of Merit awards of Faith, Honor, and Charity were presented to three outstanding individuals for their humanitarian work:

  • For faith, the Rev. Charles Lewis “C. L.” Jackson for his
    charitable work
  • For hope, Albert Pujols for his work with the Pujols Family Foundation.
  • For charity, Jon Huntsman, for his contribution to cancer treatment and research. Sr. Raul A. Gonzalez accepted on his behalf for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

    Alveda King, whose father was also killed for his Civil Rights efforts spoke evangelically of her legacy as niece of Martin Luther King. Ms. King, a Catholic, she wanted to celebrate the 47th anniversary of her Uncle Martin King’s “I have a Dream” speech, by standing with Glenn Beck, our veterans, and American patriots, praying and singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, an activity that had previously been denied to the Glenn Beck event.

    You can view the entire Restoring Honor event here.

    Restoring Honor will be remembered as the day America took back the country for God. Offering up to Him, the work and conviction needed by Patriots to be the shining example on the hill for the next generation. For Glenn Beck is right, we do have in our children, the next George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John Adams. We do have to make the Pledge, to protect and preserve our country honorably so that freedom and liberty and faith in God will continue to be the American Way.

    Photographs and media reports on Glenn Beck’s Restore Honor.

    Special Ops Warrior Foundation

  • Obama’s Payback Time

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    New Definition of Racism

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    Our whole country has become surreal with Obama’s anti-Christian, pro-Muslim rhetoric and antics. This supposed campaigner of bringing Americans together; no red states, no blue states, tolerance for all, freedom for everyone, standing up for all Americans, has not only failed, but that the division of our country has been his sole Cloward-PivenAlinsky objective. His ultimate goal is to destroy the United States of America and establish his own beliefs of pro-Muslim, sharia-binding, communist elitism. If you disagree with Obama’s regime tactics, you’re a racist.

    Please listen to an important announcement from the White House on racism.

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    August 14, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Phobias That You Can Relate To…

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    Anteater with BuzzFeed has posted 10 Completely Understandable Phobias. With the explanations and visuals, you’ll will certainly agree with Anteater. It’s a great list!

    The fears that I can relate to are achluophobia, acrophobia, and thassalophobia. Don’t know what they are? Check out Buzzfeed.

    I even have a few more:

  • Capashakedownphobia: A fear of Obama taxing any industry he hates.
  • Pelosiphobia: A fear that Pelosi will say that with her vast knowledge of Catholicism, she is now the Pope and will make abortion a sacrament.
  • RememberNovemberphobia: A fear that in 2010, Obama will create a new calendar where there is no month of November.
  • As long, as Obama and the Democrats are in power – the list of fears will grow.

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    June 21, 2010 at 2:20 pm