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Hey Hey Ho Ho Dick Morris Gave Libiots A Go

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Orlando conservative and Teaparty member Tom Tillison has the embarrassing video of libiots and Alan Grayson (who?) groupies singing “Hey Hey Ho Ho corporate greed has got to go” at an Orlando Education Reform meeting with conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher and political pundit Dick Morris. Morris went out to meet the protesters and for the most part they just wanted to cause a ruckus not shake hands. Except for the leader of the group, Susannah Randolph who was Alan Grayson’s campaign manager. Watch Randolph’s power play when shaking hands with Clinton’ chief campaign strategist. Randolph’s stupid ploy of not knowing who Morris was could be an indication of one of two reasons that neanderthal Grayson lost his hostile and vitriolic campaign.

1) As an insecure feminine leftist, Randolph pretended she didn’t know who was going to be speaking at the advertised conservative meeting that night and wanted to let nationally famous Morris know that she wasn’t going to acknowledge his importance in front of her lackeys or the cameras.

Or 2) Randolph really didn’t know who Morris was, and confirms that Grayson chose an ignorant, ill-informed, idiot for a campaign manager. Maybe Grayson should sue and get his corporate monies back.

As for the Hey Hey Ho Ho shouts, speaking of corporate greed? Let’s not forget Alan Grayson’s and Puppet Master George Soros’s corporate wealth. So corporate greed is only acceptable when it’s progressive greed? What ignorant sheeple these libiots are.

Read all of Tillison’s Orlando Political Press article on the Education Reform meeting here.

Written by smalltalkwitht

January 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

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