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NY Times Fauxtography Attempt To Manipulate Florida Senate Race

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There is no doubt RINO Gov. Crist is in trouble with his Senate campaign race. Despite deep-pocketed, lobbyist, financial support and GOP career politicians pissing Florida’s conservative voters off before Florida’s 2010 primary, Crist is neck and neck with a true conservative, Marco Rubio.

Seeing the writing on the wall for Republican moles, the New York Times jumps to the rescue by attempting to manipulate voter perceptions of Senate candidates.  NY Times reporter, Mark Leibovich helps the RINO politician’s declining popularity by reinforcing Crist’s moderate appeal to concerned Democrats and fleeing Independents. The story “The First Senator From the Tea Party?”  has Leibovich’s personal commentary throughout:

“Charlie Crist’s perma-tanned face bears none of the strain you would expect from the archetype of the embattled Republican.  Politicians are supposed to keep up appearances, but Crist is especially convincing, one of the more earnest politicians you will see, whether or not he means it.”

“It is not uncommon for a party out of power to undergo an identity crisis and an internal bloodletting, and it is Crist’s bad luck that his race in 2010 fits the frame of a philosophical debate that has been fulminating in the Republican Party for several months. The race, and the national debate, pits the governing pragmatists against the ideological purists.”

Crist is a master of the small gestures through which savvy governors accrue easy good will — say, changing the date of a special election in a heavily Jewish district of South Florida so it would not fall on Passover. He is animated in discussing how much he likes his current job. “Thanks to the people, I have this beautiful home in Tallahassee,” he says, placing his hand over his heart. “You know, there is a state jet and 24/7 protection, and all that goes away if I have the honor of getting elected to the U.S. Senate.”

“He likes Crist because he is a gentleman and not one of those “in-your-face fundamentalists, like what you see on cable TV today. 

“Charlie is a class act and a pro and a solid Republican,” Spain said. “And he is not one of these combative bomb-thrower types that seem to be taking over so much of what are in politics today, including here. This is no time for bomb-throwers and fundamentalists.”

One of Crist’s gifts as a politician is that he gives exceedingly disciplined interviews.”

“I mentioned this to Crist — in the vein of, “Governor, you can’t buy a break” — and he winced. “It’s all right,” he said, taking a deep breath. “It will work out.”

Liebovich writes of Marco Rubio:

Rubio, a self-styled “movement conservative” whose parents were exiled from Castro’s Cuba, is a great hope to a party that has suffered an exodus of Hispanic voters in recent elections. He made the cover of National Review, won the endorsement of the Club for Growth, a conservative imprimatur and A.T.M., and has drawn big love from George Will, Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh, the Palm Beach resident. Sarah Palin has not spoken publicly about the race, but Rubio supporters who met her during book stops in Florida say she spoke glowingly of Rubio, and it would surprise no one if she endorsed him.”

“[Rubio] reminiscent of a not-yet-humbled dot-com entrepreneur from the late 1990s.”

“Even when standing in one place, Rubio is a quivering bundle, his right leg shaking behind the lectern. He jackhammers his message about America’s exceptional status in the world.”

“He sucked his teeth in an exaggerated grimace. “I’m not a fan of personality-based politics,” Rubio said.”

“The so-called Republican establishment is under great duress, if not siege.”

“Greer is the face of the Republican establishment in Florida — and it is not a calm face. He has bulged eyes and reddened cheeks.”

The rest of the article is anti-Tea-Party, disparaging Republicans rhetoric. You get the picture. 

Crist is a calm pragmatist, real conservative, sincere, who works hard, cares about you, and endorsed by Republicans John McCain, Mitch McConnell.  Rubio, is nervous (Code for Republican version of Chris Matthew’s leg tingler), associated with the Tea Party movement  (Code for “tea bagger”), Club for Growth (Code for big growth, developers)  Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Palm Beach (Code for those rich folks), not yet- humbled dot-com (Code for arrogant, rich, scammers),  jackhammering American exceptionalism (Code for Bush bullying).  who would be endorsed by Sarah Palin (Code for right-wing extremist).  Leibovich’s perceptions are saturated by his desires for leftwing end results.

The entire 8-page state-run media propaganda piece is a very subtle, sweet but cut-throat, deliberate, attempt to consciously influence readers into a negative perception of conservative Marco Rubio and a positive moderate, “fair and balanced” portrait of Charlie Crist.

Am I taking Leibovich’s article out of context?  You decide.  NY Times is giving the Associated Press a run for the fauxtography award.  Look at the two photographs of the candidates the NY Times ran with their distorted reporting. Now really, who would you want to vote for?

In liberals eyes, Marco Rubio’s photograph represents what they want you to believe about the charismatic and conservative new face of the GOP.  They are subliminally communicating, heck… they are screaming “Would you vote for a little boy wringing his hands in the corner?”  Now look at Governor Charlie Crist’s photograph. Don’t you want a real man, a real governor who cares about you in Congress?”

If you want to see awe-inspiring videos and photographs of a true patriot who cares about Florida, our country and our Constitution, please look at this Marco Rubio video. When you watch him speak and listen to his words, you know our rights will be protected, and our country secure in its freedoms.  Marco Rubio, is the closest this state has to being a Ronald Reagan. 

Don’t let the NY Times thwart Marco Rubio’s chances of representing true conservative values in Congress! We don’t need any more “compassionate” conservativism in Washington.  Please go to Marco Rubio’s website and give your support so that he can counter the free “propaganda” that the MSM’s and leftist state-run media outlets are providing to RINO’s and liberals.

We can make a difference and “Flip the House” in 2010!

UPDATE: Ouch! McLaughlin Group calls Gov Charlie Crist the most overrated, mostly absentee governor of 2009!

Newsbusters has same opinion on Leibovich’s “personality” post.

Written by smalltalkwitht

January 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm

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  1. How despiccable! Just like the MSM’s showing a terrible picture of Rush Limbaugh during heaviest time. He’s lost 100 pounds and looks great but they still show a 3 year old picture.

    Marco Rubio will be the next senator of FLorida!


    January 7, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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