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Rock The Vote: Obama’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

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With the latest Rock The Vote filthy promotion, LIES and propaganda by the corrupt Obama Administration proselytize our youth. Even their parents don’t get it: “Well, children need to know about sex at an early age, or they will learn about it on the playground from little Sally.” When you counter logically with ‘no, they don’t have to know about sex at an early age, you get: “I don’t have enough time to worry about what Obama is doing, I will worry about it later”…or “I don’t want to think negatively”, and finally the exasperated cliche, “We will be okay.”

Along with NEA’s efforts, Rock the Vote shows the evil and corruption of Obama’s administration. They don’t care about your children or basic values of a healthy family. In comparison to Hollywood’s and the NEA’s support of Obama, Adolf Hitler too, created and manipulated his own German version of Hollywood. Directed by Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda promoted Hitler’s vision of a socialist world controlled by a fascist idealogue.

How Hitler Was Able To Rise To Power

Comparison of Hitler and Obama

Whose Hitler now?

"Adolf Hitler's youth attends community schools."

Young adults are ignorant of the facts that they will be the ones who will pay for this health care debacle in more ways than one. The very sitting ducks of Rock the Vote will not only never see the take-home pay of their parents that would enable them to buy their own home, but young adults, their future progeny, and their grandchildren will be owned their entire lives by China for the debt of Obamacare.

The Wall Street Journal published the WellPoint Studies that show how Obamacare increases costs.

Do they even realize that their taxes begin in 2010 but that their receiving health care benefits don’t begin until 2014.

Analysis of Health Care Costs

  • Healthy 25-yr old Milwaukee, WI Costs go up 178%
  • Small Business Richmond, VA Costs go up 86%
  • 40 year old couple with 2 kids Indianapolis, IN Costs go up 106%

    The WSJ article explains:

    In fact, what distinguishes the Wellpoint study is its detailed rigor. Take Ohio, where a young, healthy 25-year-old living in Columbus can purchase insurance from WellPoint today for about $52 per month in the individual market. WellPoint’s actuaries calculate the bill will rise to $79 because Democrats are going to require it to issue policies to anyone who applies, even if they’ve waited until they’re sick to buy insurance. Then they’ll also require the company to charge everyone nearly the same rate, bringing the premium to $134. Add in an extra $17, since Democrats will require higher benefit levels, and a share of the new health industry taxes ($6), and monthly premiums have risen to $157, a 199% boost.

    Meanwhile, a 40-year-old husband and wife with two kids would see their premiums jump by 122%—to $737 from $332—while a small business with eight employees in Franklin County would see premiums climb by 86%. It’s true that the family or the individual might qualify for subsidies if their incomes are low enough, but the business wouldn’t qualify under the Senate Finance bill WellPoint examined. And even if there are subsidies, the new costs the bill creates don’t vaporize. They’re merely transferred to taxpayers nationwide—or financed with deficits, which will be financed eventually with higher taxes.

    The story is largely the same from state to state, though the increases are smaller in the few states that have already adopted the same mandates and regulations that Democrats want to impose on all states. For the average small employer in high-cost New York, for instance, premiums would only rise by 6%. But they’d shoot up by 94% for the same employer in Indianapolis, 91% in St. Louis and 53% in Milwaukee.

    Democrats have been selling health care as one huge free lunch in which everyone gets better insurance while paying less. But the policy facts simply don’t add up, and Democrats are attacking WellPoint because they don’t want anyone to understand what their health-care schemes will mean in practice. Democrats know that if the public is given the facts and the time to consider them, Americans might demand that Democrats stop pushing the country off this cliff and start all over.

    When “low income” people pay no taxes, they will always be poor. That’s why Obama and the Democrats want them on welfare, supposedly so they never need to be worried about anything. They will be taken care of…and if or when they are no longer worthy of service to the government, they will be aborted and euthanized. When you pay taxes, you have no say-so.

    The government giveth and the government taketh away. Rock that.

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