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EPA To Save Polar Bears Falling From Sky

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No, the Environmental Protection Agency is not going to give corporations the unspent TARP money to put railings around the top of their evil-mongering corporate skyscrapers. EPA is going to regulate CO2. If Americans will not conform to world domination and give up their capitalistic sovereignty, then Obama’s government will stop people from breathing. Because CO2 is toxic to the earth.

What a load of crock. Climategate is the worst hoax of the century!

Stop global warming! Don’t breathe into your hand to see if you have bad breath! Don’t do it! Polar bears will die!

Another progressive move towards Obama’s and his criminal cronies world government

But we will have polar bears in the skies.

Are polar bears really worth saving?

UPDATE: American Physicist Society physicists have submitted a signed letter asking the APS to rescind its support in lieu of the “Climategate” scandal. The 230+ signatures include:

  • 77 Fellows of major scientific societies.
  • 14 members of national academies
  • 1 Nobel Laureate
  • Large number of published authors and researchers
  • Previous Sma’ Talk Wi’ T posts on global warming hoax


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    December 8, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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