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Dead Women Walking

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Hollywood leftist Susan Sarandon’s Oscar-winning award (don’t you have a whole new perspective of awards now?) movie, ‘Dead Men Walking’ made liberals wail and gnash their teeth at the horrors of the death penalty. The idea of such a montrous punishment to an innocent person is appalling to idealistic celebrities. Liberals are horrified that even one life is taken by the death penalty if the prisoner could have a microscopic chance of being innocent. Liberals believe that nobody deserves a heinous death, except unborn babies.

Yet when the AMA states that breast cancer and prostate cancer screenings may be overrated because some women and some men will be saved, yes, but there will be women and men treated unnecessarily, this is appalling to Obamacare supporters. In this week’s Wall Street Journal health blog:

As we’ve pointed out before, the jury is still out on PSA testing for prostate cancer, a disease that is deadly for some men but slow-growing and harmless for many others. A U.S. study of 77,000 men aged 55 to 74 who have been followed for seven to 10 years has yet to show any benefit from PSA testing, researchers reported earlier this year. A separate analysis of data from Europe found that PSA testing did save lives, but that for every life it saved, 47 men were treated unnecessarily.
The evidence suggests that mammograms for women over 40 do save lives. Still, mammograms also lead to unnecessary treatment for many women while failing to save others, an analysis published this week in JAMA suggests.


Treated unnecessarily?

After 2 1/2 decades of screening for breast and prostate cancer, conclusions are troubling: Overall cancer rates are higher, many more patients are being treated, and the absolute incidence of aggressive or later-stage disease has not been significantly decreased. Screening has had some effect, but it comes at significant cost, including overdiagnosis, overtreatment, and complications of therapy …


Cancer rates have risen? Maybe because we are diagnosing more cancer with better methods? Significant costs? Complications of therapy? Nevermind that screenings have saved lives? Now they may not be worth the effort? Sounding like the Scottish General Medical Council’s 2009 advice to their overwhelmed doctors, and nurses, the American Medical Association preparing the American public for the inevitable news that not everyone will be able to have treatment. Maybe they are not worth it due to their age or health? Will we now be getting advice from Obamacare doctors on how to learn to “live with cancer?” Their forked tongues hissing comforting words that “people are living longer with cancer?”   Sounds like ‘dead women walking to me.’


Updated 10/26 for appalling grammar.


Written by smalltalkwitht

October 23, 2009 at 11:32 pm

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