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Health Care Protesters Respond In Kind

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Gallery Homes OFA Health Care Rally 075 Gallery Homes OFA Health Care Rally 073

Jason Hoyt, host of TeaPartyPatriots Live radio and concerned citizen read off the names and stories of those who died with nationalized health care.

Gallery Homes OFA Health Care Rally 052

At last week’s Organization for America healthcare rally in Orlando, liberals, Democrats, farm worker advocates, and Obamites gathered in pseudo-somber ritual. Numbering under 50 attendees, the OFA workers related the stories out of context of those supposed to have died without health care. Upset that anti-nationalized health care protesters showed up in even larger numbers (I stopped counting at 75) holding placards of names of victims who died in countries with nationalized health care, the pro-Obama individuals shouted and chest-thrusted themselves into the faces of “handsoff” pro-conservatives to intimidate them to leave. The pro-nanny statists were shocked and appalled that they were being upstaged.

All in vain.

The protesters, educated by the Health Care for America Now videos (see below), responded appropriately with more patriotic songs and louder chants of “Kill the Bill,” “Tort Reform Now,” “Free Market Reform,” and “Just Say No!”

Local Channel 13 tv station who came to exclusively videotape the Organizing For America pro-socialist event gave up and went home when the resolute anti-healthcare protesters were too numerous and surrounded the small group. The ambiguous title insinuates that hundreds came out for government health care unless you were there and know that only 40 or so showed up, the majority of the crowd were vehemently against government intrusion into their lives!

Hundreds Pack Vigil At Lake Eola

Hundreds of people packed downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park for a tea party Wednesday.

The vigil was held to bring awareness about the millions of Americans living without health care and to tackle the health care reform debate.

Supporters said the health care is desperately needed to help American citizens, but many opponents said a government takeover will destroy our Constitution and lead to rationing of health care.

“We shared a book called ‘Shattered Lives,’ where they had over a hundred stories of people around the world,” said Jason Hoyt, who is opposed to HR 3200. “The Canada system and the British system that died or were rejected because of rationed care. And we know that we do need reform. We need tort reform. There’s other reform that we could be doing. But HR 3200 specifically is not the answer.”

“I would like to see changes in the system,” said Kelly Young, who is for health care reform. “It’s funny they talk about health care being rationed, but it already is being rationed. They talk about we need to keep it competitive for the sake of technological advances, but we have advances and people aren’t allowed to get them.”

The vigil was put on by Organizing for America and

It won’t help the MSM’s Messiah if they showed that Americans don’t want government healthcare plans.


Written by smalltalkwitht

September 5, 2009 at 2:29 pm

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  1. That Obama makes me sick. He’s a puke rouser that guy.

    {:Þ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Puke



    September 5, 2009 at 9:18 pm

  2. Whoo Hoo – we sure showed them. I was happy to see that Brighthouse’s Channel 13 did give equal play to both sides. Kelly Young, who spoke in support of socialized healthcare, was a good representation of the dimness in the minds of libtards. The quote makes it hard to tell, but watching her revealed that she was struggling for the right words and obviously is unaware of what true rationing is in healthcare. No one is denied care in America for anything if they are willing to pay for it. I know because I once had a major medical problem and did not have insurance. I got all the treatment I needed and the specialist and hospital worked with me until I paid my bills off all by myself.


    September 6, 2009 at 11:32 am

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