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Tea Party Express Heading Your Way!

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Taxpayer March on Washington 912More and more people are waking up and asking what can they do to help protect our country and our Constitution. The citizens of this country including myself are scared for our children, our grandchildren, and the future of United States of America. With a $7 trillion dollar debt, government funded abortion and euthanasia sublimated in a preposterous healthcare bill, and a president who embraces our enemies while admonishing our allies, we are quickly losing our freedoms and rights that generations of brave men and women fought for. What would you do to protect your country? Would you give up one weekend to tell our government what you really think?

A Patriot Nurse has the details on the Tea Party Express which is marching on Washington September 12th! Hitch a ride on this “Piece” train that’s going to give Congress and the White House a piece of their minds. See you there!

Update: The TeaParty Express traveling cross-country from west to east coast is not coming to Florida but you can still get to Washington, D.C. via Resistnet. You won’t believe how reasonable the prices are – If you can’t afford $7 Trillion dollars, you can afford $300 to tell these worthless politicians what they can do with their legislation!


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August 23, 2009 at 10:11 pm

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