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Cardiology Administrator Speaks Out About Medicare Cuts

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“He has the right to criticize who has the heart to help.”  ~ Lincoln.

 Doctors are all heart!

What is the real life, heart-wrenching implications of cutting the Medicare budget? Are physicians just interested in making money or are they truly concerned that the country’s health care will suffer as a result of the costs for services increasing? Will public hospitals be able to handle the demand for medical care as demand exponentially rises as more patients being directed to take advantage of the no co-payment, faux “free” tax-payer funded government option?

 Ms. Dorothea Wynne, CEO of Orlando Heart Center, is not convinced that BHO’s Medicare cuts are what’s good for the heart of our country. In her recent Letter to the Editor in the Orlando Sentinel, Wynne raised concerns based on her own experience as administrator of an industry-leading heart clinic:

Medicare cuts would limit cardiology services

The upcoming Medicare cuts for cardiology services will drastically reduce the reimbursement for specialized imaging procedures to levels that, in some cases, are at or below the actual cost of providing the procedure.

These cuts, which will go into effect in January unless they are reversed, will be in addition to the annual cuts that have occurred for the past several years.

If the scheduled decreases in Medicare reimbursement are enacted, the only option left to many private-practice cardiologists will be to stop offering these services through their offices. If this occurs, the access to high-quality cardiology care will be dramatically limited for both Medicare and non-Medicare patients.

The only option for patients who need these procedures would be to seek this care through hospital outpatient-testing departments. While high-quality diagnostic imaging is available through hospitals, hospitals cannot absorb the volume of care that is delivered through private cardiologists’ offices; thus access to these services will be severely limited.

Out-of-pocket cost to the patient will also increase, because Medicare patients will be forced to bear the cost of the 20 percent co-pay for hospital-delivered services, which are offered at higher cost than the same services provided in private-practice offices.  

If Ms. Wynne feels compelled to warn the public about the impacts to patients, doctors, and hospitals, shouldn’t Congress take more time to understand the negative consequences of HR3200?

The majority of doctors not affiliated with the AMA (over two thirds of doctors in US) do not support the nationalization of our country’s medical services. How can Obama feel that it’s in the patient’s best interests?  What medical school did Obama go to? Who is he listening to? What experience do his advisors have? Is it because the top medical advisor to the president nepotistically is White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel – a strong proponent of euthanasia?  Gateway Pundit has the dirty details.

Remember if there is no wording prohibiting an action or an item in a bill, it is subject to interpretation, and therefore will be allowed.  So Obama is right when he says that reducing health care services, long waiting periods, less doctors and nurses, less hospitals, less private insurance, more rationing, abortion, euthanasia, increasing taxes, nationalization of our health care system, and socialism are not in HR3200. 

But HR3200 doesn’t prohibit these actions either.

We need to keep speaking out against HR3200.  HR3200 needs to be stopped. 

My heart can’t take more destruction of our great country.

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Written by smalltalkwitht

August 20, 2009 at 9:47 pm

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  1. Out of all of the Doctors that I come in contact with, not one has had a positive remark regarding this bill. His claims of having the AMA and ANA (American Nurse’s Association)as backers is because they are people that sit behind desk an do not practice. Their memory of floor nursing or being a resident or attending is archaic at best!


    August 23, 2009 at 9:03 am

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