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America’s Flag Paid For In Blood Not Budget Worthy

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I wonder how Kevin Dunbar, Clearwater’s Director of Parks and Recreation, thinks American soldiers and veterans will feel about his money-saving idea.  Dunbar has removed all the American flags from city parks to balance the city of Clearwater’s budget.

Without even consulting the Clearwater, Florida City Council, Dunbar had the flags removed.

Clearwater’s parks and recreation director ordered the removal of 13 flagpoles from across the city this week saying budget cuts have made it impossible to properly care for the flags.

“Over the last three years, the parks and recreation staff has been reduced by 25 percent,” explained director Kevin Dunbar. “When you have a flagpole, you have certain responsibilities. The flag has to be lit at night, if a flag has a rip in it, it has (to be removed). We don’t have the staff to monitor these things anymore.”

So this week, Dunbar had city workers pull the poles out of the ground. The last flagpoles were removed Friday.

It appears to be the first time the American flag has been yanked from a government facility because of budget problems, according to a search of U.S. newspaper reports.

How outrageous is this action?  It constitutes overthrowing our patriotic symbols at the price of the lives of every soldier who has died for our the United States of America. 

Does Clearwater understand the consequences of veteran retirees boycotting their city? Does Kevin Dunbar understand how his actions belie his true feelings about our country?  What is he really saying?

As an American, every time I see our flag flying I get emotional.  This action taken by the City of Clearwater is outrageous and should be overturned immediately.  How dare they!


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August 2, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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