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From the desk of the Grrand Wazoo:

Yeah, it’s me again. I’ll bet you thought that I had disappeared into that journalistic good night but for better or worse at least for today, here I go again.

What, you may be asking yourself, could possibly be sooooo important as to coax the Ole Wazoo from his self imposed exile? As your faithful servant I am moved, nay obligated, to proffer to the masses of my steadfast and oh so perceptive followers the fruits of my latest brainfart.

In a nutshell, my thoughts as of late have been on the future of Caribou Barbie AKA Sarah Palin the soon to be Ex-Governor of Alaska and in particular, what’s next for her. Some speculate that Sarah is going to reinvent herself for another run at the Whitehouse but this time as the head Honcho. I indeed concur with this thought but being the who that I am, I prefer that thought with a twist. My prediction (and you heard it first here), is that the freshest breath of fresh air that the GOP has seen in a while will formally separate herself from the Party of Ronald Wilson Reagan to form a new and greatly needed viable third political party. This Party will be based on some good ole American ideals such as pulling your own weight in life, honoring and protecting our country, and, among other ideals, always doing what is right for America, not our neighbors here on the 3rd rock.

You know folks, I was wrong ONCE but that was just to see what it felt like. I hope my streak continues as this beloved country of ours really needs some fresh thoughts and brave leaders.


Written by smalltalkwitht

July 25, 2009 at 7:13 pm

Posted in GOP, politics, Sarah Palin

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