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Who Should Get Elected in 2010?

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Drive-by media, MSM’s trying to keep from being impotent without audiences are doing their best to manipulate the 2010 elections already. Every single (legal) voter who in 2010 needs to know where the candidates stand. Watch debates, talk to the candidates, do your research. It helps if you know where you stand on the following critical issues. What other issues are important to you? If you don’t know what’s going on – how can you vote to have someone represent your views? NØbama fooled millions of voters with his glib teleprompter speeches. With the government bail-outs and spending, his popularity is going down. Voting locally and regionally will be key to winning back the White House in 2012. Congress needs to be thrown out and conservatives put back into office.

It’s simple- yes or no will do. Where does a candidate stand on these issues?

  1. State sovereignity
  2. Constitution – original interpretation or living document?
  3. Federal and SCOTUS judges making policies
  4. Illegal immigration and amnesty
  5. Abortion
  6. National health care
  7. Government’s control of business
  8. Czars (not elected, not responsible to the voter)
  9. Taxation – Fair tax, dismantle IRS
  10. War on Terrorism
  11. Unions
  12. Nuclear Energy
  13. Drilling/mining for oil/gas/coal

If a candidate doesn’t answer these questions succinctly, or you don’t know where they stand, do not vote them into office! RINO’s should be kicked to the curb. Representation in Congress is our right – don’t throw our rights away with subliminal messianic rhetoric, global apologies, and government corporation and social insecurity. Socialism, fascism, and marxist regimes are not what our Constitution is based on or founded the greatest country in the world.

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