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Obama Delivered On D-Day Speech!

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We sat with our grandchildren (9 and 8) to watch the televised ceremonies at the American Cemetery in Normandy. I explained D-Day (not that they comprehended the depth of the 65th anniversary). I told them about their great-grandmother being12 years old on D-Day in Scotland and how the courageous soldiers died to save Great Britain and Europe from the Nazis. We talked about the red poppies that veteran groups sell. They watched the old movie reels of the u-boats and the soldier’s swimming ashore. They saw the thousands of crosses and even the Jewish soldiers who had died with their Star of David grave markers. I asked them to please remind their own children on 100th anniversary of the greatest battle in history. They laughed at the thought of themselves having children but I will remind them every year I’m alive to remember our heroic veterans and military.
Obama’s speech was shallow and uninspiring. He used the same hand gestures, the same facial expressions reading words off of papers that someone else wrote. It reminded me of the bracelet he wore of the soldier he fumbled with during one of the campaign debates.

But, then I was relieved to hear Barack Hussein Obama work in a few global apologist remarks about his one world agenda. He had to remind the worldwide audience (AGAIN) that:

“We live in a world of competing beliefs and claims about what is true. It is a world of varied religions and cultures and forms of government.”

He was able to remind the world that the United States is not perfect.

The nations and leaders that joined together to defeat Hitler’s Reich were not perfect. We had made our share of mistakes, and had not always agreed with one another on every issue. But whatever God we prayed to, whatever our differences, we knew that the evil we faced had to be stopped. Citizens of all faiths and no faith came to believe that we could not remain as bystanders to the savage perpetration of death and destruction. And so we joined and sent our sons to fight and often die so that men and women they never met might know what it is to be free.”

I could literally hear him thinking “…and remember, we aren’t Christians in the United States, we are all Muslims.”

Obama is batting a thousand in his apologist tours. Next stop: North Korea. Topic of speech: The United States is behind your endeavours to create rockets that can bomb Alaska because we know you just need more self-esteem from having to fight for your right to survive.

BHO’s speech could have been worse: TOTUS Speech on the 65th Anniversary of D-Day [Hot Air]


Written by smalltalkwitht

June 7, 2009 at 4:19 pm

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