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NØbama’s Birth Certificate Not Valid In Hawaii

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The Honolulu Star Bulletin’s investigation on Lord Obama’s birth certificate showcased on his ‘Fight the Smears’ propgaganda website has concluded that the BHO’s birth certificate is not considered valid in Hawaii. Imagine that?

The investigation follows a Honolulu Star Bulletin column Saturday, which quotes a state Department of Health spokeswoman as saying the state’s current certification of live birth is recognized “as an official birth certificate meeting all federal and other requirements.”

The website of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, however, states clearly the certification of live birth touted by the Obama campaign, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and a host of other Obama defenders is not acceptable as a form of identification to qualify under this program.

As WND has reported, certifications of live birth were widely issued to Hawaiians born in foreign countries in 1961, the year Obama was born.

The Star Bulletin column goes on to report: “The issue of what constitutes an official Hawaii birth certificate received national attention during last year’s presidential campaign. Those who doubted Barack Obama’s American citizenship called the copy of the Hawaii birth document posted on his campaign website a fake.”

However, Obama’s “citizenship” was never the question raised during the campaign or after the election. The issue raised by WND has consistently been that Obama failed to prove he was actually born in Hawaii and thus constitutionally qualified to become president as a “natural born citizen” – which requires that the birth took place in the United States.

The qualifications for the Hawaiian Home Lands program require a certified copy of a standard birth certificate – also known as the “long-form certificate” filled out in the hospital and including details such as the name of the hospital and the attending physician.

Elected without any vetting whatsoever by the MSM, this president would not be able to obtain a security clearance because of his past associations with criminals and terrorists, like Bill Ayers. Yet he was elected president.

It’s too much a little too late but there are some besides Alan Keyes who are not giving up. Comments to the Hawaiian editorial showed frustration and confusion.

  • “I’m fifty years old and I need to apply for a passport,” wrote one. “So I scan some representation of COLB onto my Facebook page. If I take my laptop to the DMV, can I just open my laptop to show my web page to the clerk who will then verify my citizenship and issue me a legal passport? I’m sorry but some documents need a paper trail.”
  • “To be president you need to be a ‘natural born citizen,'” said another. “That means you are born in this country of ‘parents that are citizens.’ Note that both ‘parent’ and ‘citizen’ are plural. His father was a British subject and, yes, under the laws of both the United States and the UK at the time [when] he was born, Obama’s citizenship was passed by descent of the father. These are the facts. We have laws and no one is above them.”
  • “There seems to be a great deal of secrecy surrounding this whole situation,” said another. “I’ve read that he has three legal teams keeping his info private. He has also had all his college records sealed. So this is transparency and change? Why all the mystery?”

While CBS is refusing the demanding advertisement, there will be more billboards put up across the country.


Written by smalltalkwitht

June 7, 2009 at 7:45 pm

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