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Beck’s Common Sense Finds Welcome From Conservatives

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I didn’t know what to expect when I drove to the IMAX theatre featuring Glenn Beck’s Common Sense Tour. I’ve been listening to Glenn since he was a talk show host on Tampa’s WFLA radio station. He can get crazy and sometimes I do worry about him. Fondly worry.

The weather was intermittant storms with overcast thundering skies so I figured the attendence would be small. Would I be the only one? Would there be libtard hecklers or foaming mouth driveby media there to see how (in their own GCD* madness like this NYSLimes misperceptions) self-destructing Glenn Beck would be? There was a small standing line (20+) to get tickets to the movies. They weren’t going to see Glenn Beck.

I saw quite a few home computer generated tickets to the number three radio talk show host’s one man show at the ticket taker’s podium. It was a packed full house. The manager/usher had to make several announcements that the Glenn Beck Common Sense show was sold out and would people please make room for everyone. I found a seat on the back row in between a young boy eight to ten years old with his very American apple pie family and a young woman in her 20’s. With hilarious pre-show bits on the screen, the atmosphere was very party-like. People laughing, joking, effervescent, and polite. Everyone was in good humor with anticipation. Glenn makes people smile and say “hell yeah!”

Beamed nationwide to 400 theatres, Glenn bounded onto the Kansas City, Missouri stage while both audiences, live and in theatres applauded energetically. (At least in our theatre it was enthusiastic clapping.) Wearing a black 1791 revolution tee-shirt, jeans, and the infamous sneakers, Glenn looked very comfortable. He made me feel comfortable. I wondered if the MSM’s ever wonder about their dwindling audiences? Could it be people that people aren’t comfortable listening to their rhetoric and lies? Beck didn’t have to use ten teleprompters or even one! He used a single music stand with notes on it and no props. Well, not till the second half of the show.

Scanning the audiences on both sides of the large IMAX screen, they looked normal. You could see your Mom, Dad, friends, grandparents, and different groups that you belong to in the seats. Glenn cracked up the filled hall of young singles, couples, families with young children and retirees with his reality-based joke about the two liberal critics sitting in empty theatres! From there to the end the show was on full throttle. One laugh after another interspersed with applause and yells and whoops in agreement with Beck’s common sense thoughts.

SPOILER: Glenn does NOT break into tears and cry.

I loved the entire show. It was a relief to hear Glenn say out loud what I’ve been thinking for years, yes even disproval of our good compassionate GOP president George Bush. I had two favorite bits, one of which was Glenn’s true version of what really happened on the Amtrak train with Whoopie and Babs. I can describe the scene but it would ruin it for those who still have tickets to see the show and for the next live show at IMAX. Glenn, if you’re reading – don’t change that skit one bit! I couldn’t stop laughing. The audience was hysterical. I wonder what THE VIEWless said today about it because you know someone has told them or sent them a pirated cell phone version.

The other very humorous ‘spit out your coke’ bit and largest laugh from our audience was Glenn relating what the California audiences looked like. Glenn got on his knees, making a contorted face, ripping out his hair, and screaming out in desperation for Glenn Beck to save them!

My suggestion to Glenn is to get a different lighting company. The lights made you look like an albino. Not bad if you’re wanting to cash in on the Da Vinci Code market, but you’re more handsome than what the washed out white lights made you seem. Like with most Broadway performances, I was glad there was a break in the middle of Glenn’s antics. I didn’t want to miss a second and with the enormous tank-size cups (even the small) of Coca-cola, everyone needed a bathroom break.

Yes, there were moments of making fun of Democrats but they were done in good humor, nonpartisan fashion. And funny. Let me highlight key words to look for: Little Sally Muckinfutch, rear view mirrors, Luden cough drops, Phantom of the Opera, 48,000 muskrat balls, I mean musket balls, and no pockets. There are moments of dead seriousness that reinforced conservatives “Don’t tread on me” mindsets. They are a welcome relief to hear.

With Glenn Beck, you don’t have to duct tape your head to keep it from exploding over Lord NØbama’s hypocritical policies. You do see that there is hope for a change in the country. No doubt we deserved to be in this mess. Conservatives and good people allowed it to happen. We do need to use common sense to turn this country back around and it won’t be easy or quick.

Glenn made everyone in the audience understand that changing the United States back to original Constitutional foundations is our responsibility. As the show ended and people stood up, you could feel the reverberation from the audience that Glenn Beck was speaking the truth. We all need to start implementing common sense into our government policies and tell them to STOP spending our money. It’s our country. We can’t have the government and certainly not the politicians, unions, fascists, socialists, and Marxists destroy our freedoms.

Everyone should try to get a ticket to see Glenn Beck’s Common Sense tour, if not the live show then the IMAX theatre viewing. You will enjoy yourself, you will laugh out loud. And after seeing Glenn Beck, you will know what you need to do to save our country. And you’ll be smiling.

Written by smalltalkwitht

June 5, 2009 at 2:06 pm

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  1. I came to the realization of the meaning of taking state bailout money and got mad, then very depressed. Barry O is a much smarter man than I thought.


    June 6, 2009 at 11:33 am

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