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Telegraph Sends The Right Message

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I couldn’t be there today nor could I listen to it on television but reading it, I felt like I was right there! I’m speaking of the excellent analysis of the NØbama-Cheney fight in DC today by Toby Harnden, Telegraph US editor. Some of Harnden’s key points were:

  • “…the very fact that Obama chose to schedule his speech (Cheney’s was announced first) at exactly the same time as the former veep was a sign of some weakness.”
  • “The venues for the speeches said something. Obama showily chose the National Archives, repository for many of the founding documents of the US, and spoke in front of a copy of the Constitution – cloaking himself in the flag, as Republicans were often criticised for doing.”
  • “The former veep’s speech was factual and unemotional and certainly devoid of the kind of hokey, self-obsessed, campaign-style stuff like this, from Obama’s address today: “I stand here today as someone whose own life was made possible by these documents. My father came to these shores in search of the promise that they offer. My mother made me rise before dawn to learn their truths when I lived as a child in a foreign land.”
  • “As Cheney said this, sarcasm dripped from his lips. Obviously “fine speechmaking” but no real substance is not a new charge against Obama and it hits home. And Cheney successfully mades the point that much of the rhetoric from the Left tends to suggest that if only the US did not waterboard people, if only the US was viewed as Obama rather than Bush, Venus rather than Mars then it would be universally loved and al-Qaeda would wither away. Unfortunately, that’s not the real world.”

Read Harnden’s entire column counting down the ten knock-out punches by Cheney delivered to the Messiah. NØbama is weak. It’s must read for all conservatives especially for those of us who were working to pay off NØbama’s 4 trillion dollar debt and couldn’t watch Cheney. Keep on talking, Mr. Cheney!

Full text of Cheney’s Anti-Obama speech.


Written by smalltalkwitht

May 21, 2009 at 9:39 pm

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