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You Asked for Him…You Got Him… Obama…

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Tom Daschle, Bill Richardson, Nancy Killefer, Judd Gregg; a “stimulus” bill that increases the federal debt by one trillion dollars (that’s $1,000,000,000,000.00) in one fell swoop; “bipartisanship” that takes the form of excluding conservatives from any involvement whatsoever in the largest spending bill in the history of the country; passage of a 1,000+ page bill in a matter of hours despite promises to post proposed legislation for voters to see five days in advance; the census being taken over by political hacks; our Secretary of State going hat in hand to beg the Chinese to fund the Democratic Re-election Act of 2009/aka the stimulus (and what a blast from the past to see a Clinton begging Chinese Communists for money); closing Guantanamo, without a clue of what to do with the terrorists kept there; a cabinet member calling the entire American voting public cowards….

You elect as president a Chicago hack politician with no appreciable experience, who has failed at virtually every job he has had in the past….and what do you expect?

Welcome to Chicago…on steroids. Barack Obama is already the unmitigated disaster real conservatives said he would be. All hail Obama, the post-racial, post-partisan healer of the Earth. Where are Christopher Buckley and Peggy Noonan now? Stand up you weak kneed “conservatives” and take credit for what you helped inflict on the country. And you who helped push John McCain, the poor man’s Democrat, on the Republican Party this past election and kept the true conservative vote split…take a bow.

It is only going to get worse. Our domestic state of affairs, already on the precipice because of the socialist policies of Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and, yes, George W. Bush, is a hair’s breadth away from full scale socialization of the banking and health care industries. (Thank you Lindsay Graham for giving “conservative” cover for the nationalization of our financial system.) Just wait for Obama’s inexperience, incompetence and air headed leftist ideology to bear fruit in foreign affairs.

Iran will be allowed to develop and deploy nuclear weapons (Obama will stop Israel form doing anything truly effective); North Korea will escape all sanctions and continue starving its people to help fuel its dictator’s megalomaniacal ambitions; Russia will blackmail its way into halting the expansion of NATO and exercise hegemony over former Soviet states; and who knows what other opportunistic dictator or fanatic will take advantage of the new weakness of the head of the “free” world.

But it’s stupid to vote based on ideology. Right? We need to get past the partisanship of the George Bush years…so we can return to the bi-partisanship of the Bob Michel era. (Bob Michel being the former minority leader of the House Republicans who all suffered from political Stockholm Syndrome before Newt Gingrich gave the party a spine.)

The main reason socialism does not work is that no individual or group of individuals is smart enough to run an economy of 300 million people. The trial and error of a capitalist free market is the only effective way to allow mistakes to be made, and gotten rid of (including banks and auto makers), in a way that allows long term growth. But too many “conservatives” believe this only when times are easy. When (like now) the socialist geniuses’ prior efforts are leading us over the economic ledge, too many “conservatives” are all too willing to give in to the temptation to look for the wise man who can save us all. As they did with Obama.

Well, we have our man of destiny, and he has proven himself to be exactly what his past showed him to be: an untalented, disorganized, ineffective political hack who can read a good speech. The hard core leftists who run his administration are going to inflict their social, economic and foreign policy idiocy on this country for at least the next two years. We are all going to pay, dearly, for this last election. But at least he got Chris Matthew’s leg to tingle.

Comment from Toccatamundi:

The catastrophe that is upon us just reinforces my main concern from the first time I heard the name Barack Obama–this man was not formed as an American.
It’s old-fashioned to bring up this notion but one’s upbringing does influence how one turns out. Obama was not raised as an American!
How was he raised? He was raised by a single mother who hated her own country, by a Moslem father who abandoned every child he fathered, and by third-world relatives who were steeped in the “hate America” mind-set. Also, he was schooled during his formative years in a Malaysian culture where he was indoctrinated in extremist Moslem formation for hours every single day.
There is no way this man can have the common experiences, common heritage and common mind set of an American. He can’t/won’t even produce a genuine American birth certificate. When this rock of Obama’s background is finally kicked over, I shudder to think of what manner of bugs will come scrambling out.

Written by smalltalkwitht

March 2, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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