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Red State: Obama’s Policies Will Fail

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Erica Erickson, of Red State with the dirty facts.

It’s really that simple. In seeking to replace what Obama called “the failed policies of the past eight years,” he imposed on the American people and our economy the failed policies of the past 100 years.

We know absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Barack Obama’s policies will fail. And that is why we hope he fails. We do not want him to impose the policies history shows will fail the people of this nation.

Charles Krauthammer on the lack of confidence in the Obama administration as one of the influences behind the stock market crash.

Looking at last year, they [market] said the Bush administration was running around with its head on fire, bailing out here and there, without logic, without…extremely ad hoc. It saves the Bersteins, it lets Lehman go down. It proposes a TARP, a rescue on the basis of purchasing toxic assets. It changes its’ mind. It ends up injecting the money in banks. It’s running around without a plan. And yet, and yet, the system held together.

What was hoped was that there would be a new team, new people, fresh ideas, who have year ’08 to study and learn what went wrong. And would have a plan in place. This is what Obama said he had. They knew what to do and would do it.

It looks like they [Obama administration] have no idea what to do and they won’t. When Obama had his first press conference, he promised that there would be a detailed plan by Geithner the next morning. There was none. The market tanked. It looks as if this administration is entirely at sea on what to do, on the principle element of our collapse, the banks, and they might not have any idea. Which is scaring the markets. If they don’t, we are all at sea.

There was dead silence on the set while Krauthammer talked, not one interruption. The rest of the panel knew he was telling the facts. Obama is tanking and fast just as predicted.

After four months of Obama’s reign, the stock market is down 3,000 points. Rush is going to get his wish.

Conservatives know what will bring this recession to a stop: Tax cuts. Stop the stimulus bill. Stop talk about the health care nationalization. Give people back their capitalism. Let them work to make this country better. It’s the fastest way to a cure.


Written by smalltalkwitht

March 2, 2009 at 11:17 pm

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