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Why The Terrorists Will Win With Obama In Charge

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Dan Spencer on Red State has an excellent post on why terrorists have the upper hand with Obama.

  • They remember Vietnam, where we lost the will to fight.
  • They remember Beirut in 1983, where we turned tail and ran after they killed our Marines in their barracks.
  • They remember the first World Trade Center bombing in February 1993, when we turned to our lawyers instead of our soldiers.
  • They remember Mogadishu in October 1993, where we left our dead and skedaddled out of country.
  • They remember the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, where we ordered our ships to sea rather than our Marines to shore.

My own to add?

  • They remember Jimmy Carter’s policy of openly pleading with Iranian kidnappers to release the Americans.
  • They know the MSM’s and liberals love terrorists, hate what America stands for.
  • They know that the only patriots allowed to dissent against policies are Democrats.
  • They know that Obama will release Gitmo terrorists who will in turn help rejuvenate the jihad against the United States.
  • They know that since Obama dropped the charges against al-Qaida bomber Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, he’s on their side.

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February 9, 2009 at 10:55 am

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