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Liberal MSM’s Know Obama’s Going Downhill

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UPDATE: Yes, I know liberal MSM’s is redundant.

What does it say about your policies when even the most liberal leaning MSM thinks you’re in trouble?

The Boston Globe is telling Obama to quickly do something to re-enervate his image because his policies aren’t holding up under scrutiny. He’s losing the critical masses. The majority of the country, including his staff, the Congressional Budget Office are saying that Obama’s solutions, the Porkulus aka Shamulus aka stimulus spending bill is only temporary and won’t help our country’s economy in the long run.

As a candidate, Obama did many things right. His thinking was always strategic and his speeches were smartly timed. One thing he didn’t do was draw any lines within the vast universe of Democratic interest groups; he never said “no” to anyone.

Now, he must. Otherwise, Republicans will keep on tapping into the ideological talking points that didn’t work during the presidential campaign.

Liberals, Democrats, and even worn-out RINO’s, listened to Obama’s lies aka campaign rhetoric. Obama has no federal experience, no managerial/budget experience, and has never had to run a business profitably, making ends meet while keeping employees employed. Obama has no idea of what he is doing. He’s depending heavily on agenda-driven socialist policies to make things work and they won’t. No matter how much everyone believes in hope and change.

They are bound to work better now that George W. Bush is no longer president. Obama ran against Republican John McCain. But he beat Bush, not conservatism.

Obama beat McCain by subterfuge and liberal evangelism of “everyone is a victim” and “the government is here to help.”

The results of a CBS poll released last week show that Republicans who are advocating an increase in the proportion of tax cuts in the stimulus bill are winning the argument. Asked whether higher government spending or tax cuts for business would be more effective in ending the recession, 59 percent chose tax cuts, while only 22 percent chose government spending. While 51 percent of those polled said they back the concept behind Obama’s stimulus package, support for Obama’s plan has fallen 12 points since January.

Republicans are winning the argument because Americans are stupid for long. They know when they are being misled. The vast majority of Americans have common sense and intelligence.

Democrats must do a better job of tying the stimulus package to economic recovery in a way that makes sense to average people.

Democrats can’t. Democrats know that this pork bill will not create jobs, will do nothing for the average family. Deep down inside most middle class Americans, they understand that it would be economic suicide to go for a quick, short term relief with unfathomable invisible financial debt. Over a trillion dollars that will eventually strangle them and their beloved United States into third world financial ruin.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 8, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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