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Democrat Strategist Says Luxury Golf Resort Retreats Important

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On Neal Cavuto today, Alicia Menendez says that it’s okay for Democrats to waste money by holding a retreat at a luxury golf resort.

“I mean I think these retreats are important, you know. They are planning [T’s note: to rip off taxpayers] the next year in Congress. And they are trying to figure out how they are going to get [T’s note: Rip off] America out of this financial rut. [T’s note: Why not use the Shamulus package to purchase retreats at a luxury golf resort for Middle Class America?]So, I think this idea that they are going to go away. They are going to take some time to plan…But they are doing what they have done in year’s past.[T’s note: Duh, they’re Democrats.] And the truth in the matter is [T’s note: Warning – lies up ahead] Most of it is paid with their personal funds, PAC funds [T’s note: Transportation costs? How about global warming?Can we say carbon footprints?]… I don’t know that $100,000 of federal money for more than 200 [T’s note: Elite people] people to spend a few days [T’s note: in the warm sun and temperatures, relaxing by the pool while Kentuckians die from freezing without electricity.] planning actually looks that out of whack.”

Doesn’t look out of whack? Going on a retreat while the rest of America is suffering? The end of the world as Democrats know is ending and they are sending their leaders to a golf resort? Simplistic Andrea then she had the nerve to compare it with Republicans and lobbyists.

Do Democrats ever listen to themselves?


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 5, 2009 at 5:29 pm

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