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Iraq Deaths Exaggerated – Not 655,000

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Thanks to the Jawa Report for letting us know that BBC is reporting that the figure of 655,000 that were killed in Iraq is a bogus number. The Iraq Body Count, an entirely independent non-partisan organization which counts only confirmed deaths, sets the death toll at a range of between 90,556 and 98,850.

The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) began investigating Dr. [Gilbert] Burnham’s work in March 2008 after a complaint by one of its members.

The AAPOR’s executive council said in a statement carried by the Associated Press news agency: “When asked to provide several basic facts about this research, Burnham refused.”

It said it wanted to know the wording of questions asked and instructions and explanations given to respondents.

“Dr Burnham provided only partial information and explicitly refused to provide complete information about the basic elements of his research,” said Mary Losch, chair of the association’s standards committee.

She added that Dr Burnham’s refusal to co-operate “violates the fundamental standards of science, seriously undermines open public debate on critical issues and undermines the credibility of all survey and public opinion research.”

Dr. Burnham has been censured. What do you say now Cindy Sheehan, Moonbats, and Daily Kos?


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