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Hamas Deserves To Be Wiped Off The Face Of The Earth

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Palestinians, the UN, and all the global bleeding-heart liberal pundits just need to shut up and stop whining about Israel’s efforts to protect its’ citizens. New York Slimes reporting more bombing from Hamas while Israel is being patient in discussing a cease-fire.

Gaza militants launched two rockets and a mortar shell into southern Israel early Sunday, drawing a threat of ”disproportionate” retaliation from Israel’s prime minister and further straining a cease-fire that ended Israel’s Gaza offensive.

Where is Obama’s administration, the new and more improved Secretary of State Clinton, asking Hamas to stop? Does she want to employ Obama’s open hand policy that allows terrorists to say one thing and do another, all the time laughing at the United States weakness?

Where are the bleeding heart British socialists that are boycotting the BBC to show commercials to raise money for the poor Gaza people being bombed (in effect because of Hamas)?

Where is the Pope telling Palestinian terrorist to lay down their weapons and stop human shields?

Such hypocrisy. Israel will not be defeated – Hamas will be blown to bits. And rightly so.


Written by smalltalkwitht

February 1, 2009 at 10:44 am

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