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So much for all the preparation and time the Obama pre-inauguration staff spent on being up and ready to work on Inauguration Day. Obama’s promise of transparency is now a moot subject. Don Irvine, Accuracy in Media Chairman, and Top Conservative on Twitter (TCOT) provides insight from David Cay Johnston with the Columbian Journalism Review into Obama’s campaign rhetoric implosion.

This might be the simply the problems of a new administration struggling to cope with a flood of calls and perhaps the complex machinery of the modern office. But it might also indicate that President Obama’s messages about open government have not reached press secretary Robert Gibbs and his staff.

While it is too early to judge just how this will work out, the early signs are troubling. And interviews with a dozen Washington reporters indicate that the Obama press operation tends to embrace friendly questions, while treating skeptical questions as not worth their time or, worse, as coming from an enemy.

I have called 202-456-2580, the main number for the White House press office, going back to the Nixon administration. Never has anyone in the press office declined to spell his name, give his job title, or hung up, even after the kind of aggressive exchanges that used to be common between journalists and flacks—and between journalists and high government officials, for that matter.

Office machinery is complex? What about all the experts being hired? So much for all the hoopla about “Change” and how the Obama administration was not going to be the inept, unprepared, confused, secretive, as the Bush administration. Obama can’t even find his way into the White House and the drive-by media doesn’t say a word.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 30, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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