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British Hospital Staff Spooked By Ghost

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The hospital staff complained so much about the shadowy cloaked figure roaming the wards, that the administration has contacted church authorities who have called in an exorcist.

“Several have seen a male figure cloaked from head to toe in black darting between rooms and through walls – especially in departments near the morgue.

“It’s affected morale so much that bosses decided they had to act.” Exorcisms in England must be pre-approved by a bishop.

A spokesman for the Bishop of Derby said: “Any case such as this is put to the Bishop.

“He would seek proper advice before taking action.”

Experts said the spirit could be the ghost of a Roman soldier killed on the spot where the original hospital was built in the 1920s. Developers ignored protests and covered over part of one of Ancient Britain’s main Roman roads.

The hauntings have been experienced at the Shardlow Hospital since 2005. Work gangs were scared during the demolishing of the original building.

Boo ya.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 29, 2009 at 8:53 pm

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