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Anti-Semitic Network Target Israel With Lies

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Chatting (really arguing) with lunatic fringe liberals about the Israeli-Hamas conflict, I was stunned to hear their terrorist-apologist rhetoric that Israel was using banned weapons to defend themselves. I couldn’t believe that somebody would be so stupid as to think a country so blatantly hated as Israel would leave themselves open to anti-Semitic United Nations retaliation for war crimes. I hadn’t heard or read the charges that Israel had illegally used banned weapons. Now I know why the liberals believe this rhetoric. CBS has broadcast the illegal allegations as news.

On Thursday’s CBS Evening News, Katie Couric incorrectly called one of the munitions reportedly used by the Israeli military a “banned weapon,” and, after ignoring numerous violations of international law perpetrated by Hamas, relayed charges that Israel may have committed “war crimes.” Referring to Israel’s alleged use of white phosphorus in Gaza, Couric introduced the report: “Hamas gave a thumbs-down to President Obama today, saying his Middle East policy is no different from President Bush’s. Hamas just ended a bloody war with Israel in Gaza, and tonight there is growing evidence the Israelis may have used a banned weapon. Some even accuse them of war crimes.”

Newsbusters has the script and video evidence. CBS should be charged with treason and abetting the enemy. Hamas terrorists are the ones using the banned weapons against innocent Israeli villages. See Gateway Pundit and the Confederate Yankee has the photographs. Photographs and facts that you won’t see on the drive-by hatemongers.

Israel has the right to defend themselves against cowardly terrorist attacks.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 26, 2009 at 11:16 am

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