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Return Of Camelot Just A Dream?

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Caroline Kennedy may be trying to slip into her father’s, uncle’s, and cousin’s political shoes but she may not stay there very long.

A new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling shows 58 percent of voters would prefer to see Gov. David Paterson appoint state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to the seat.

That’s compared to Kennedy’s 27 percent.

Among Democratic voters, Cuomo leads by about 20 points.

Who knows? Does Caroline Kennedy have the intelligence and experience to be a Senator? As much as our first forefathers, our parents, any mother or father, you or I do… yes she does. Just by the simple fact that she has grown up in this country, has graduated from high school, has had to raise and support a family, has read a few newspapers, and definitely has her own opinions about the way our country should be governed. As much as any other citizen of legal age in this country should be allowed to become a Senator. And she’s just as articulate as Nobama.

Should she be allowed to slip in the backdoor without being voted in by a majority of constituents above other well-qualified, experienced, and deserving junior Senators who have worked hard for their voters and our country? No, she doesn’t have that right. It’s not a legacy or generational gimme. Even if she is a Kennedy.


Written by smalltalkwitht

January 5, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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