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Rod Blagoyevich – Liberal Government At It’s Core

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As a lifelong resident of Illinois, let me say that any Illinoisan pretending to be shocked or outraged at what our latest sleazy governor got caught doing is either a bald faced liar or about 4 years old. This state, including both political parties, runs on corruption. Politics is about power and the accumulation of wealth, period.

The Democrats (and occasional liberal Republicans like convict and ex-governor George Ryan) trade jobs and contracts for “political contributions” and the occasional bag of cash. Illinois is not more corrupt than liberalism in general, we just stopped even pretending that integrity matters. Our local newspapers, the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times, regularly endorse the most liberal, power hungry, and openly greedy candidates, then pillory them when they get caught doing what everyone knew they were going to do in the first place. The papers get to pretend to be bi-partisan in this endeavor because there are enough crooked liberal Republican politicians to allow them to endorse members of both parties.

Rod Blagoyevich did nothing that the governors, mayors, secretaries of state, and dog catchers of this state don’t do on a regular basis. He was just stupid enough to do it on the telephone.

The liberals running the educational systems in Chicago, East St. Louis, Peoria, Rockford, and others are all busy keeping black children uneducated and in poverty, to preserve the liberal voting block that will keep this state blue for decades. Meanwhile, the Reverend Wrights, Jesse Jacksons (Sr. and Jr.) and Barack Obamas get rich, famous and powerful, all while screaming how racist and otherwise horrible this country is.

The best part of this Soprano’s style soap opera is that Blagoyevich’s stupidity in getting caught on tape has created a feeding frenzy that, if special prosecutor Fitzgerald keeps his eyes open, will make Blago’s attempt to sell a senate seat look like small change.

First we have what appears to be the completely un-vetted president-elect knee deep in this current controversy. Rahm Emmanuel, another Illinois liberal hack and Obama’s chief of staff, is suddenly nowhere to be found, so that he does not have to lie outright about his involvement with the Ebaying of one of Illinois’ senate seats until the lawyers can get a common script for all the future defendants…I mean White House staff. Next, Lisa Madigan, one of the most inexperienced attorneys general in state history (whose father just happens to be a long time power broker/Illinois Senate president) is trying to shred the Illinois constitution to get rid of Blago faster than an impeachment would work; while at the same time convincing our lieutenant governor Pat Quinn to appoint himself senator, leaving the governorship open for…surprise…Lisa Madigan.

The real victim here is Jesse Jackson, Jr. who was apparently already willing to pay Blago the requested million dollars for the senate seat. But with the wire taps, Jesse Jr. will probably have to settle for his current house seat, and his share of the profits from the beer distributorship daddy extorted from Budweiser so long ago.

You want to know what this country is going to look like after the federal government takes control of businesses and industries under the guise of all the current “bailouts?” Just look to the pathetic state of Illinois. Schools that don’t teach, roads that fall apart, soaring crime rates, and politicians getting richer and more powerful , until it’s their turn to go before the grand jury. All, of course, for the sake of the children.


2 Responses

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  1. God help us all.


    December 14, 2008 at 12:45 pm

  2. Having spent a goodly number of years in Illinois myself, I can attest to the fact that rampant corruption is not limited to Chicago/Cook County. It runs throughout the entire state, from the hotbeds of plaintiff litigation in Madison and St. Clair Counties to the legal incest throughout the state bar association to the awarding of college presidencies to former legislators. It never stops.


    December 14, 2008 at 2:32 pm

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