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Obama Picks Clintonesque Administration

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I’m not the only one who is noticing that Obama’s “Change” mantra doesn’t mean what it did a year ago. My friend Sergio makes the point:

Dear T:

So far it looks like “Change” means that the Left has resurrected Tom Daschle from political limbo to make him our Secretary of Health under President Obama. I have looked at the Chicago Tribune, NY Times and AOL News and none have mentioned a thing about Daschle’s obscure acquisition of a $2,000,000 mansion in North Dakota. They have omitted mentioning the very event that caused him his senate seat. I will be searching our local press to see if any one is bold enough on the left to bring up “Daschle’s Mansion on the Hill” issue.

Hillary Clinton will probably be our new Secretary of State. Could you please tell me where could I find any information about Ms. Clinton’s experience in international affairs? I have not been successful finding it.

Gregory “Greg” Craig will be President Obama’s White House Legal Advisor. Does this means that Mr. Craig will revive his friend on the left, Mr. Ramsey Clark, defense attorney for Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic, as well as our former Attorney General under Lyndon B. Johnson? Clark is close to 80, but all is possible in the close left. After all, the Left was able to make the dead vote in Illinois during the 60’s.

I believe “Change” means, at least in part, that the good ol’ boys on the Left are being recycled.



Sergio, you’re right and the political pundits agree with you. Obama’s campaign theme to change the way Washington does politics is not important now. In January 2008, Obama said “‘We’re looking to fundamentally change the status quo in Washington.’

I guess the campaign theme really was “Let’s bring the Clinton’s experience and policies back.”

How many other campaign promises will Obama renege on before he’s inaugurated?

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Written by smalltalkwitht

November 20, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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