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A New Contract With America

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The 2010 campaign starts today. If conservatives want to actually have a chance to win in the next congressional election, they better start to run like conservatives again. “Me too” conservatives never fair as well as Ronald Reagan in 1980, or Republican Congressional candidates running on the Contract with America in 1994. Just ask Senator McCain.

This is still a center-right country. If it weren’t, Democrats would not have to lie to win elections and the media would not have to censor the news to let them. In that spirit, conservatives can begin to take back control of the Republican Party, and lead this country away from the socialist precipice, by rallying around the following ten issues.

  1. A proposed constitutional amendment to enact term limits on federal office holders, to include a promise to immediately adopt rules in Congress that strip members who exceed those limits of all committee chairmanships, and any other positions of authority in the House and the Republican caucus, with a promise to withhold all party funding of any such member in future elections.
  2. A proposed federal marriage amendment. (I am a strong federalist, but the judges Obama will appoint to the federal judiciary are not subject to being overruled by referendum like the California Supreme Court just was on this issue. Those state supreme courts creating a right to gay marriage have made this a federal issue because of the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution.)
  3. Adoption of an “Earmark Termination – single issue” rule in the House requiring any amendment to any bill be germane to the subject matter of the underlying bill, which would effectively end earmarks.
  4. Permanent enactment of the “Bush” tax cuts and the repeal of the federal estate tax, scheduled to expire in 2010 (if the Democrats don’t rescind them earlier).
  5. Election reform, reinstating the Constitutionally required provision for a single nationwide election for federal office on the first Tuesday in November, except legitimate, needs based absentee voting; and the requirement of photo identification to vote.
  6. Removal of all federal control over K-12 education, converting all current federal educational aid to block grants to the states conditioned on their conducting mandatory testing, with mandatory publication of the results for parents to make informed decisions, but no other penalties, leaving that to the states. (While I strongly favor vouchers, education is a state issue, not a federal one.)
  7. Rollback of any of the “emergency” bailout provisions that have been implemented, and will be in the next six months, to restore capitalism to our credit and housing markets, to include sale of any equity interests purchased by the government.
  8. Creation of an immediately accessible computer data base of those eligible to work in this country combined with strict enforcement of sanctions on employers who fail to verify employment eligibility status.
  9. Repeal of McCain-Feingold, which the Democrats have just proved was not worth the paper it was written on (talk about poetic justice), requiring only the immediate mandatory reporting of the names and addresses of all contributors to federal political campaigns and prohibiting the acceptance of donations from those not eligible to contribute, using the data base for employability in item 8, creating a subset of that data by deleting those who are not citizens.
  10. Repeal of all limits on oil exploration and drilling, and exclusive and streamlined federal control over the building of nuclear power plants, with revisions to various federal statutes, including the Endangered Species Act, to make actual construction of such plants practical in a reasonable time period.

We have no Newt Gingrich in Congress right now, but we do have Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Mitt Romney and others who could lead conservatives, and the Republican Party, back to…well…conservatism. These are the issues with which they could do it. Let Obama have his day, but there are only 729 days left til the 2010 elections.


Written by smalltalkwitht

November 5, 2008 at 11:39 pm

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