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Obama Going To Give The Middle Class Coal In Their Stockings

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The warning signals are everywhere. If independents, Democrats, RINO’s, and GCD-suffering* liberals ignore the blatant arrogance of an avowed community organizer who has promised to make the poor rich and the rich poor, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Obama has promised to raise your electric bills with a cap and trade depression market. Worse than the Roosevelt’s 1933 Depression that followed the 1929 stock market crash.

Obama says he’s going to bankrupt the coal industry. Who uses coal for homes? Poor people. Utilities who use it are going to have higher costs to pass on to the poor and middle class? How many people will become unemployed due to Obama’s agenda? I thought Obama was going to provide jobs for the unemployed? Provide more industry to the states that needed work?

  • In 2007 there were 120,150 people employed by the coal industry. This was up from a low of 104,824 in 2003.
  • The average wage for all U.S. coal miners is $66,601.
  • The average salary for all U.S. workers is $42,405.
  • The average wage for all West Virginia coal miners is $64,801, over $22,000 a year above the national average. and almost $33,000 a year over the average salary of all W.V. workers ($31,999).
  • Chief Engineer – $98,300
  • Chief Geologist – $81,800
  • Environmental Coordinator – $78,900
  • Mine Engineer – $71,000
  • Mine Geologist – $68,000
  • Environmental Technician – $49,400

The United States has the world’s largest coal reserves, the world’s second-largest coal producer, after China, but surpasses both the number three and four producer nations (India and Australia) by nearly a factor of three…Today coal fuels about 50 percent of US electricity production and provides about a quarter of the country’s total energy. ~ Richard Heinberg, MuseLetter

While Richard Heinberg laments the use of coal in his environmental newsletter, the fact still remains that this country is dependent on the use of coal for jobs and for a low cost fuel. Obama has no plans to change the dependence of this country on foreign oil. He would rather tax and break the economy so that he can wield his socialist views on an impoverished country.

*Genetic Comprehension Disability


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