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Biden Wrong About Obama-Acorn Benefaction

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Emmy winner Barbara West had the guts to ask VP candidate Joe Biden hard questions. Whether it’s naiveté, ignorance, or just plain lying, Biden needs to understand that the voters do realize the truth about Obama’s ties with ACORN fraudulent voter registration. Somebody is lying and it wasn’t television reporter Barbara West.

Was Biden answering truthfully about Barack Obama’s relationship with this radical organization ACORN?

The Obama campaign paid an ACORN front group more than $800,000 but revised its filing about this to say it was for “get-out-the-vote” projects, not “to register a single, solitary voter.” But ACORN entities that do register voters could easily have shared this large Obama payment, and those names, real or fake, on voter rolls could help elect Obama-Biden this November.

Obama has long had a complex “relationship” with ACORN, but Biden cunningly said, “We are not tied to them . . . There is no relationship,” evasively using only the present tense to answer a reporter’s question that was explicitly about Obama’s past, not present. An official Obama-Biden website claims Obama “was never an ACORN community organizer,” but Biden now confirms that Obama “was (ACORN’s) organizer.” One of these two voices of the Obama-Biden campaign is lying.

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Written by smalltalkwitht

October 27, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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