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All of you ‘down in the dumps’ voters, Republican RINO’s, depressed conservatives, concerned Democrats, and still confused Independents, that insist on reading the Leftist MSM’s and watch “in the pocket of Obama” network television and news – here’s the scoop:


Steven Warshawsky of The American Thinker has just the tonic for your blues, or should I say for your Red States. It’s entitled “Signs Pointing To A McCain Victory.”

Despite there being an entire cottage industry devoted to exposing the liberal bias of the mainstream media, Republicans and conservatives continue to allow themselves to be unduly influenced, and even demoralized, by what they read and hear in the big city newspapers and on network television.

What are they reading and hearing? That Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States. It’s inevitable. It’s his election to lose. What proof does the media offer? Public opinion polls that supposedly show Obama “winning” the race. (But see here and here.) The thousands of devoted supporters who attend Obama’s rallies. The legions of blacks and young people who are more “inspired” than ever to vote for a candidate who understands their needs and interests. Etc. We all know the story by heart by now.

This is the “narrative” that the mainstream media has been imposing on this year’s presidential campaign almost from the start. Remember how quickly the MSM jumped off the Hillary Clinton bandwagon and onto Obama’s? Remember how annoyed and angry they became as Hillary refused to concede the nomination? The MSM decided that electing the nation’s first black, socialist, anti-American president was politically and historically more important (and, for them, more exciting) than electing the nation’s first female, socialist, patriotic president. And they are doing everything they can to achieve this goal.

Well, there is another story out there that the MSM refuses to address. A huge story. One that could, and I think will, significantly affect the outcome of this race.

If you are depressed or disheartened by the drive-bys driven agenda of ignoring all the warning signs of electing an unvetted, inexperienced candidate into the most powerful position in the world,(Remember Biden has warned us.) Then you must read the insightful and experienced reasoning of Warshawsky. It’s will be a relief and allow you to breathe easier.

You can click on the envelope below and pass this on to your nervous neighbors who dread an Obama presidency. There’s quite a few. Faith! People! Have FAITH! Then tell them to remember to vote.

H/T to Dave!


Written by smalltalkwitht

October 26, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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  1. All is lost. we are doomed. Obama has the electoral votes in abundance. all we can do is pray for mercy.


    October 27, 2008 at 5:22 pm

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