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Liberal MSM’s Agenda Of Misrepresentation Of The Facts

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Most bloggers don’t represent themselves as experts but in presenting their opinions, their interests, and information on relevent news that the liberal MSM’s don’t want people to know. We feel this way because the drive by media doesn’t report the news, they create news and conform it to their leftist agenda as Sma’ Talk and Newsbusters show here:

CNN humiliates themselves even more by lying about intentions of misreporting the facts.

So when conservative bloggers’ are being annoyingly humped (insults and complaints) by anonymous waste-spacing curs who don’t have a lick of intelligence, it’s hard to take offense seriously. No, seriously. It’s pathetically humiliating and sadly laughable.

Having a differing opinion (including liberal) doesn’t get one ostracized to the iggy crate but flailing one’s cowardly and obsessive psychotic comments under the table will. Debate the real issues (bring your facts if you have them to the table) to get included in the important discussions. If you can’t do that much, go back to your doghouse and lick your wounds, or do the real research and effort to write your own blog. Then if you get anyone to read it, you can be top dog.

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Written by smalltalkwitht

October 25, 2008 at 12:08 pm

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