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Voter Fraud, Race Baiting, Black Poverty – All Part of the ACORN/Ayers/Obama/Democratic Plan

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Listening to Rush Limbaugh’s last hour today was like watching the lights come on all at once in an entire city. He finally connected the dots. He asked himself the question why black Americans alone of all sections of our society have as a group failed to rise out of mass poverty. His answer, finally, is that it is not an accident, not racism, not chance, but the conscious decades-long tactics of socialists to develop a power base for the eventual imposition by elections of that which they could not achieve by revolution.

ACORN, Afro-Centric Studies in universities, the Black Liberation Theology of Jeremiah Wright, embraced by Barack Obama; they have all contributed to the building of a monolithic power base for primarily white socialists like William Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others. The mainstream media complains constantly about how race is supposedly used by conservatives to get white votes. But ask yourself, if the Democrats did not always receive 95% or more of the black vote, how many national elections would they have won over the last 40 years?

Just think about it, who benefits from poverty among blacks? Whatever charges of racism are made, conservatives are capitalists. It is in the interest of capitalists to have as many solvent customers as possible. Removal of millions of blacks from the welfare roles would also likely reduce the taxes on conservatives dramatically. And no surprise, conservatives have therefore pushed for school vouchers, welfare reform, tax incentives for small businesses, and many other reforms that have the chance of making the American dream accessible to blacks in the inner cities. It is in their own best interests to do so.

Democrats on the other hand resist all efforts toward education reform, other than sending more money to Democratic controlled school administrations that refuse to educate black children. Democrats run almost all inner city school systems. Democrats created a welfare system that consciously destroyed the black family in the inner city and built high rise ghettoes that concentrated black votes in the inner city. Why is that?

If you want to know who is responsible for any particular program, just follow the money. Who benefits? The answer is clear that Democrats are keeping blacks poor and filled with racial resentment because without the black vote, they have no chance of enacting their socialist agenda through elections.

Liberals like Ayers and Pelosi pay off their fellow travelers like the Reverend(s) Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton with grants, contracts and political favors. In return, these “preachers” help perpetuate the myth that black poverty is the result of white racist conservatives, all the while getting rich off the very populace they are keeping down. What do Wright, Jackson, Sharpton and so many other black “civil rights leaders” have in common? They all got richer than sin providing cover for the socialists who have devastated black American culture while those they claim to represent remain mired in poverty and ignorance. They have sold out millions of their fellows for power and wealth.

Democrats are not the first to use this tactic. Palestinians who left Israel decades ago are still living in refugee camps, run for years by the PLO, now some by Hamas. Western countries, led by the US, have sent billions and billions of dollars to the Palestinans which were paid directly to the PLO and Yassir Arafat. Given the chance to better the lives of millions of people looking to him for leadership, Arafat and other PLO leaders simply took most of the money for themselves. Arafat could not improve the Palestinians’ lives, because their anger was the base of his power. So too liberals here resist any reform that might free blacks from their dependence on socialist programs for fear they might never win another national election.

The Democrats construct high rise public housing slums, write welfare rules requiring fathers to leave the home for wives and children to receive benefits, refuse to actually teach children in inner city schools, radicalize those schools and our universities, constantly rant about racism and class warfare, use ACORN for a nationwide program of voter fraud, resist all attempts to verify voter eligibility, and Obama pays ACORN over $800,000 for its efforts. All are part of the same long term plan.

We are not just in a culture war, but a political war with radical socialism in this country. As I noted in a prior post about community organizers, the true hardcore socialists learned in the 60s that they were not going to get the violent revolution they so desperately wanted. They decided to switch tactics, becoming political organizers and populists, and took over the Democratic Party. Blacks in particular have been paying for decades for the hateful manipulations of the Ayers, Pelosis, Reids, Jacksons and Sharptons. The rest of the country has paid a heavy price in an ever increasing socialist government, and the constant inflammation of racial tensions for pure, crass, political purposes by the left.

For years, those who called the leading Democrats and others socialists were laughed at or ignored as overreacting. With Rush Limbaugh now sounding the alarm, combined with the revelations about Obama/Ayers/ACORN/Wright, and the blatant vote theft by ACORN for Obama, it may be that all conservatives may now awaken to the very real danger the socialists here pose to our very way of life. It’s about time.


Written by smalltalkwitht

October 14, 2008 at 3:04 pm

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