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McCain’s Fear of Speaking the Truth

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God save us from GOP moderates. McCain’s campaign has belatedly started raising Obama’s history of participating in radical leftist organizations like ACORN and Bill Ayers’ the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Sarah Palin has been the focal point of these attempts to educate the voting public about the most radical leftist candidate for president in our lifetime. The conservative base is responding with campaign contributions, volunteer efforts, and enthusiasm that might actually give McCain a chance to win in November.

So what do the “moderate” advisors of McCain want to do? Limit Palin’s appearances and avoid all mention of Obama’s 20 year association with the racist/leftist ideology of Jeremiah Wright. In a Wall Street Journal article, the McCain campaign is quoted as saying they have concluded that Sarah Palin has been “overscheduled.” Translation, she is reaching GOP voters and we don’t want to get “independents” and the New York Times angry with us. Some of the people in her crowds are fed up with the media and think socialism is bad for the country. The horror of it all.

On Wright, one of these geniuses says “It’s not appropriate to attack someone’s faith.” Great, the Bush administration cannot take on militant Islam, and now the GOP should not expose the radical, socialist, racist ideology that Obama listened to for 20 years (and practiced with Ayers). Here’s a clue for you “moderates,” when someone’s religion preaches hatred of you, and advocates your destruction, it is stupid beyond belief to ignore it because you think someone else might be offended. Good thing nobody ever read Mein Kampf.

Newsflash to Senator McCain and his advisors. All that campaign cash and all of those huge crowds are not coming because of your sterling resume’ and history as a bi-partisan maverick who fought earmarks. They are there because of the conservative principles Palin articulates so well when your handlers leave her alone.

John McCain does not deserve to win this election, but I hope he does anyway, because Obama would be even worse. And with Palin down the hall, conservative principles will at least get an airing before they are ignored. Ayers, ACORN and Wright are all parts of the same radical leftist picture: win power at all costs, the ends justify any means. If McCain showed one tenth of the courage against them and the New York Times that he did against the North Vietnamese, this thing would have been over in August. Let Palin be Palin, or go back to Arizona.


Written by smalltalkwitht

October 10, 2008 at 12:07 pm

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