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ACORN Is Trying to Steal the Election Before the Polls Even Open

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ACORN, the community organizing group Obama has worked with, represented as a lawyer, and taught for, is being investigated in almost every swing state for gross voter fraud. They are having people register as many as 72 times each. ACORN’s massive fraud does not just make it possible that this election will be outright stolen on election day, it also serves to suppress Republican votes by skewing pre-election polls.

All the major pollsters conduct polls based on questioning either “registered voters” or “likely voters.” In both types of polls, the pollsters first determine the make-up of the sample of people they will question. When doing a “registered voter” poll, the pollsters weight their polls according to the registration records in the state they are polling.

For example, take a state with 100,000 registered voters: 50,000 registered as Democrats; 40,000 as Republicans; and the remaining 10,000 as independents. A pollster would then determine the total number of voters they want to poll, and conduct their poll to match the percentage of registered voters by party affiliation. So a poll based on 500 voters would include 250 Democrats, 200 Republicans and 50 independents.

Thus the number of registered voters in each state determines the weighting of the survey. And of course a survey weighted heavily Democratic will show stronger support for Obama. The more fraudulent Democrats ACORN can register (regardless of whether the votes are even cast) the heavier the representation of Democrats in the surveys and the higher Obama’s numbers.

This is just in a registered voter poll. In a “likely voter” poll, the pollster then tries to determine the eagerness of various groups of voters to vote. This purely subjective factor gives the pollsters (almost all of whom are liberal) room to slant their samples even further, thus showing ever increasing numbers for the Democrat, and depressing (they hope) Republican turnout. Such skewed polling also helps the “moderates” make up their minds. Why “waste” your vote on a sure loser? ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration drives threaten to steal the election before the polls even open.

The Democrats have fought every attempt to limit voter fraud because they know they cannot win national elections any more without it. Imagine a world in which only real registered voters could vote, and the mainstream media actually objectively reported facts rather than Democratic campaign literature.

Quick investigation and prosecution are the only way to even dampen this type of fraud because the Democrats will never allow any legislation to address it. But don’t hold your breath no matter the headlines of current investigations. Bush has the same “bi-partisanitis” that McCain has. He knows if he actually prosecutes voter fraud, he will be called a racist. ACORN engaged in similar fraud in the last election, New Mexico and Wisconsin being prime examples. But Bush won, so why anger the New York Times by prosecuting felonies?

The only way this problem can be dealt with now is by countering it with a massive conservative turnout on election day. Shining a light under Obama’s and ACORN’s voter fraud rock is the only way to accomplish this.

If McCain isn’t willing to make this an issue, Sarah Palin has to let her principles be her guide, and raise it herself every day until the election. If the McCain campaign does not fight this fight, and the Justice Department does not finally start to take this rampant, systemic vote fraud seriously, we can forget having real elections in this country any more. We will just be another socialist banana republic…without the nice weather.


Written by smalltalkwitht

October 9, 2008 at 11:43 pm

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