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Bloody Brits For Barack – Who Cares?

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There’s a reason why the United States started the Revolutionary War. We didn’t give a bloody hoot what Brits thought and we wanted them to get out of our lives. John Moody, Executive Vice President of FOX News has this refreshing commentary on the socialist, anti-American Brits that seem to think they can influence our country.

Another fine America-hating British institution, the BBC, paid for a poll of 22,000 non-Americans to ask them who they wanted to be president. Guess what? Nearly one in two prefers Barack Obama. Only one in five wanted John McCain. That leaves 30% who had the right answer: they don’t know who should be president of our –- not their –- country.

The BBC is a socialist government propaganda machine. Until Great Britain can show that their economy, their education system, their health system, and in general, everything they do (Except make a great cup of tea – they do know how to make a great cup of tea.) is better than the United States, they need to sod off.


Written by smalltalkwitht

September 10, 2008 at 11:42 am

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