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Matthews & Olbermann: You’re Outta There

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Nothing is more telling about liberals’ ineptitude and weakness than when the going gets rough, the losing network bails out. First Air America bombs, and now Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have been replaced on the 2008 Presidential debates because they couldn’t keep their unmitigated bias and idiotic remarks to themselves while hosting shows. The MSM’s are realizing slowly (mainly because they lack a genetic comprehension gene – GCD)that the average middle class American (and likely voter) does not like negativity, vitriole, and anti-conservative and anti-American remarks. While they wail and gnash their teeth at Rush Limbaugh’s, Fox New’s and O’ Reilly’s ratings, they made excuses and denied that their own anti-Bush hatemongering are the reason why they don’t have viewers or listeners.

John McCain has pulled into an incredible ten-point lead this late into the campaign because of his excellent choice in Vice President nominee Sarah Palin.

Sit down Chris and Keith and learn from the professionals what fair and balanced really mean.


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