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The Government Needs To Go Out And Find More Money!!!

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Democrat strategist, Reta Lewis, on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” discussed Nancy Pelosi’s call for another stimulus package to go out to citizens immediately. This is nothing more than taking what tax dollars you’re paying in now and giving it back to you before you pay it. Confused? Most citizens don’t understand Economics 101. Sadly most Democrat strategists dont understand it either. Clinton and Washington insider Lewis insists that the second stimulus package is necessary. This is a portion of the unbelievable exchange:

Neil Cavuto: “Reta, do we have the money for this?”

Reta Lewis: “Let me tell you something, let me tell you something, Neil. When you go out in small town America, that they’re out there talking to…whether it’s on the Democratic side or Republican side, what are they saying to you? If you axed them about a second stimulus, they’re saying ‘absolutely.’ Why not? Because why?

Warning: Get the duct tape ready.

Reta Lewis continues: They are trying to pay their bills! And they want Congress to go out there and find that money! They’re not talking about whatever else is going on. It’s right …”

Neil Cavuto: “So, so, Reta, Reta, Reta,…”

Reta Lewis: “… it’s pocketbook issues.”

Neil Cavuto: “So the 95 plus percent of people who are keeping up with their bills and paying off their mortgages. Are you talking to them? Are they kosher on this? That, that you know, yeah, go ahead, more government. I’ll be happy to bail out these folks. Just, just keep it coming. Are you talking to those people? Cause I actually do and they’re not, they’re not for that.

Reta Lewis: “No, Neil, I don’t think it, when you say 95 percent, you mean you’re going to have to prove that number to me. Cause when you go out to these small town America…”

Neil Cavuto: “Whoa, whoa, whoa… no, no, no, no.”

Reta Lewis: When you got out to small town America, that’s not what they are saying.”

Neil Cavuto: “Do you know how many people…what percentage of mortgages are running thirty days or more late?”

Reta Lewis: “You know what? I don’t know the number on that. But you know what, we hear it, every day about foreclosures.”

Neil Cavuto: “You know what? Because I’m the money nerd here, I do.

Reta Lewis: “What is it?”

Neil Cavuto: “It’s about two percent of all mortgages.”

Reta Lewis: “It’s about two percent of all mortgages? So we’re not supposed to help that percentage out there that’s hurting?

Neil Cavuto: “No, no, no, I’m not saying you’re… I’m just saying the other large overwhelming percentages is wondering … ‘hey, hello?’ You know? You’ve got your priorities screwed up here. You are already bailing out those who are behind, some of them got into their own pickle. And, and we’re footing the bill!

Reta Lewis: “I don’t think they’re…”

Neil Cavuto: “They’re saying ‘Cool it, cool it. We don’t have the money for this.'”

Reta Lewis: “I dont think this is all about the mortgage payment. I think the people who are getting this stimulus packages are paying their bills. They’re paying their gas bills. They’re trying to put gas in their car. You know, we’re getting ready to go into their winter months. They’re trying to heat their homes. They’re trying to pay off their credit cards!!

Neil Cavuto: I know, but is it the government’s… so I’m falling behind on my credit cards, I’m falling behind on my gas bill. I can’t… I don’t … I can’t get a coat. All of a sudden. You know what? Maybe Reta and her buddies will help me. Reta, this is America, right?

Reta Lewis: “No…”

Neil Cavuto: “This is the same country my parents grew up in. My boot straps. You try to look at yourself. Americans take care and look after each other. Mean I don’t see where any of you guys are looking uh uh at private solutions where you go back to the lenders and say ‘Can you renegotiate? Can you help them out?’ But no, the immediate resort is the first resort: Uncle Sam will pick up the tab.”

Reta Lewis: “I, I don’t think the immediate resort is Uncle Sam will pick up tab. I think what happened when we passed this housing bill before Congress went on recess where you really saw a very very aggressive effort in the House and the Senate, by Pelosi and her team, and by Harry Reid and his team, trying to make sure that we bring these lenders to the table. Why should we always now just blame the…”

Please, second warning: Duct tape now!

Neil Cavuto: “You, you, you know Reta…”

Reta Lewis: “blame the poor little homeowner?” Come on, Neil we can’t do it.

Okay, I can’t go on transcribing… I don’t have my head duct-taped. Obviously Reta Lewis’s degrees isn’t Economics. It’s the government’s responsibility to find money to give to people. Democrats don’t want to blame the poor little homeowner.

If the poor can’t pay off their credit cards, no wonder they can’t handle a mortgage! Who’s fault is that? Who gave them the credit card in the first place? Let the lenders eat it and if the banks and mortgage companies go out of business. Oh well. The American folks who are paying their bills on time don’t need to be bailing out anyone.


Written by smalltalkwitht

September 5, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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