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More Holes In Swiss Heads Than Cheese

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In a lulu second phase of legislation where people don’t count as much as plants and now, animals, Swiss lawmakers have now passed animal protection rights to protect goldfish from being flushed down toilets. Too inhumane.

Instead, a fish must be first knocked out and then killed before its body can be disposed of, the law stipulates.

The new legislation spells out in exhaustive detail how all domestic animals are to be treated, whether they be pets, farm animals or destined for scientific experiments.

Wild animals are also covered by the law if they reside in zoos or circuses.

Just like in George Orwell’s satire “Animal Farm” however, some animals enjoy more “equal rights” than others.

Not only are goldfish now afforded a more “dignified” death than being dispatched round the U-bend, but it is now also forbidden for Swiss anglers to practise catch-and-release fishing or recreational catching only to throw the fish back in the water, or to use live fish as bait.

In the domestic sphere, common household pets such as budgies and hamsters can no longer be kept by themselves.

Carrot Juice Is Murder – Give Peas A Chance.


Written by smalltalkwitht

September 2, 2008 at 12:29 am

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