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Palin’s Small Town Touch

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Sarah Palin’s governor’s office with her bear rug

Hugh Hewitt has excellent insight into Palin’s political career and how Obama and Biden pale in comparison. Obama’s denigration of small town guns and Bible toting citizens, and the left’s degrading of small town experience shows exactly how disconnected with Small Town, America they really are.

…Sarah Palin’s decade as a city council member and mayor of a small town, Wasilla, Alaska. Don’t underestimate the enormous benefit this provides the governor in the campaign and beyond as she takes up the duties of a vice president. Local government experience means an immersion in the real problems of real people as well as with a myriad of issues from the details of budgets for road maintenance and police and fire forces, to the land use issues I mentioned above, to parks and recreation and school construction issue issues.


It also means appearing at thousands of the events that define small town life, from the Rotary to the start of the local fund-raising 5K, and the hiring and firing of staff that has to make the traffic lights work and oversee the trash collection.

And mostly it means being able to connect with people who look to the local government to get the big things in small towns right.

Sitting on a dais week after week and listening to public comments and presentations from staff is the least glamorous of all elected offices, but very central to the functioning of the republic. Hundreds of thousands of Americans serve in these all-but-voluntary jobs and do so out of a sense of public spiritedness. Of course there are knuckleheads among the local electeds, and I have encountered many of them.

But by a very large measure these mayors, council members and commissioners are genuine public servants –and they get very smart, very fast about the communities they serve and the real successes and failures that define American life, whether in Wasilla, Alaska or Dearborn, Michigan or Sharon, PA.

Hewitt continues with Governor Palin’s critical executive government experience.

The political and media elites have been laughing at Sarah Palin’s “small town” years. But every mayor and council member she meets over the next two months will have a bond with her that no one else on the national tickets can match.

Most commentators have figured out or soon will with the help of Beldar [See full link below] that she really, really knows the energy issue, and to a nation stunned by the sudden shock to their household budgets brought about by 30 years of indifference to new exploration, this will be a huge advantage. But so will be her experience with federal Endangered Species Act, which has been and remains central to my law practice and which interests very few other than those impacted by it.

In many key states –Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, Washington and Oregon to name just five– the “ESA” has had devastating impacts on many industries and communities. When Sarah Palin led her state into federal court to challenge the absurd listing of the polar bear as a “threatened species” because of predictions about what might happen to the bears if what might happen to polar ice actually did happen, she took a stand that will trigger sustained applause in places and among people who are actually familiar with the workings of this extraordinarily onerous statute. As an avid outdoorswoman and conservationist, she has zero fear of environmental activists jeering about her indifference to nature. Her passion for the great outdoors will reawaken the TR tradition in the GOP and combine it with an experience in federal bureaucratic meddling with state and local governance that will put inside the Beltway a true property rights’ advocate. I haven’t seen reference yet to any specific experience with the Clean Water Act, NEPA or the Clean Air Act, but her familiarity with the federal hidden hand –the BLM, the USFWS, the ACOE—will be extremely useful as she campaigns across the country in communities hard hit by the expansion of federal regulation far beyond its intended and many believe constitutional limits.

Read Hugh’s entire column on Palin’s beliefs on our Constitution and pro-life issues. Small town America is going to love Sarah Palin when she gets through shaking their hands. Then she’ll head to Washington and shake things up there.

Mercutio asks: “Is Sarah Palin Ready?”

Beldar has the facts on Sarah Palin’s experience and how it blows the Dem ticket away with their ignorance. Must Read! Beldar not only tackles the Democrats but Biden’s wan resume experience as a blowhard. Joe Biden is the one of the worst candidates we have had campaign for office because we do have so much evidence of his political ineffectiveness.

More on Palin by Hewitt


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September 1, 2008 at 1:31 am

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  1. She is some lady!


    September 1, 2008 at 2:25 am

  2. I can’t wait for the debate to start.


    September 1, 2008 at 10:04 am

  3. I like her, and support her as a candidate. BUT – I wish she didn’t have that bear rug.


    September 1, 2008 at 10:07 am

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